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fart jokes are the best
by raen

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July 14, 2020




Today I was verbally abused by a customer. This isn't a new experience for me, however, the customer yelled at me because I don't read minds. We're in a city where masks are mandatory in any indoor public place. There are obvious exceptions to the rules involving health. And I did encounter someone yesterday who was very polite while explaining that due to her health, she was exempt. She even offered to show my proof, but just trying to breathe regularly, I could hear the wheeze in her voice, so no proof needed. Today, I kindly remind the gentleman to wear his mask (he had on around his neck) and he turned and screamed at me about how he couldn't breathe and that he has asthma. And how dare I tell him to wear a mask. So, without changing my polite tone I tell him this: Sir, I'm just explaining the rules to you. I had no way of knowing you were exempt due to health reasons. Except, he's still screaming at me about how the masks aren't doing anything anyway, and that he hasn't had the flu in thirty years and that the moron who is making us do this should be put in a jail and made to wear masks too.....the person making us do this is? That's a doctor in charge of Public Health. And yea, he wears a mask day in and day out, and has every single day of his job....soooo fuck you old man. And what the fuck does the flu have to do with any of this?! Idiot.


I also told the customer that I don't read minds. He was still yelling and probably didn't hear me.

previous entry: No prescription Cialis!

next entry: July 30th, 2020

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Oh God, what a dick. Be glad you’re not his wife or family, imagine how shit their lives are if he loses it so easily with strangers in a shop.

[The RyanStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Just going to copy & paste the comment I sent to him! lol

He did die a few years ago from a drug overdose. He kept trying to quit, my husband and I actually paid for a rehab program for him right before he relapsed for the last time. Nothing ever helped.

And mom, woah she was a mess. Also into drinking and drugs during her later years, but usually kept it away from us kids. She was watching Mattie one afternoon while I ran errands and when I came home, she was visibly drunk and half passed out on the couch. Mattie was in the backyard playing (thank god she didn't go out the front door), and when I asked my mom where she was, she had absolutely no clue. Also, we didn't just quit seeing her at that point, but that was when I quit letting her watch Mattie by herself. I kept bringing Mattie over to see her grandma because they had what I thought was a really nice bond. I caught my mom telling Mattie (she was not even 6 yet) that Jamie and I were going to forget about her and start being really mean to her once her baby brother was born. That coupled with just her attitude in general is why we eventually cut ties.

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