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fart jokes are the best
by raen

previous entry: July 30th, 2020

next entry: Trying to be healthy with a chronic illness

August Has Arrived


I started August with a week off. I have so far worked out every day except this past Saturday and Sunday. It was a busy weekend and I spent most of it either cleaning, doing errands or with Chris' family for his birthday. And besides, they say you should have rest days between workouts. I'm being smart about this, I guess. I'm going to workout after I write this entry, actually. Sometimes I want to stay in bed and not move, but then I remember I decided a while ago not to become unhealthy. And I'm pretty close to it, so I need to stay active. No excuses. I can do this. Also, I refuse to compromise my dress options for when I go wedding dress shopping. I want to feel confident enough to wear a dress that is strapless, or has a low back, or whatever.  I also just want to be in shape for myself. I remember when I was in shape; I felt great all the time. I want that back. And if I can't get that level of fitness back, I want some of it back. I'm aware that by having health issues beyond my control will make this a challenge, but I can make changes so it's not a huge hindrance for me. I've got this. I'm using the wedding as my incentive on days where I can't get motivation, but it's not really my incentive. I'm my own incentive. Having my clothes fit better is a pretty damn good incentive. Not getting winded going up stairs or big hills is an incentive. So I've fucking got this.


Stay strong my pretties!

previous entry: July 30th, 2020

next entry: Trying to be healthy with a chronic illness

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You're making me feel bad. I've been home a month and have worked out TWICE. You're an inspiration!

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