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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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Alphabet Survey


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

`` Alphabet Survey ``
Made by [Leave tag on please ©]

A is for America
1. Do you live in America? Yes
2. Have you ever gone to America for a holiday?
3. Do you speak in American English? Being an American, I'd have to say yes.
4. Do you like a lot of American bands? Yes
5. What do you think of the American president? I hope he doesn't screw up too badly.

B is for Bugs
1. What’s your favourite bug? A dead one
2. What’s your least favourite bug? Big ones
3. Do you freak out if a bug lands on you? Depends on how big it is.
4. Do you kill bugs or capture them & set them free elsewhere? If they're in the house, they're fair game.
5. Have you ever had an infestation of bugs in your home? Ants

C is for Cars
1. Can you drive? Yes
2. What type of car do you or your family own? I have a '94 Toyota Corolla wagon & Shawn has a '07 Dodge Caliber
3. What would your dream car look like? I don't know but it'd have superior gas mileage.
4. Are you more attracted to someone if they have a nice car? Not necessarily
5. Do you think it’s important to have a nice car or just a car that gets you from A to B? I'm more into practicality & function than looks.

D is for Dogs
1. Have you ever or do you own a dog? Yes and yes
2. Do you even like dogs? I guess but I find I'm liking cats more than dogs.
3. What breed of dog do you like best? I'd like a smaller lap dog
4. Do you think it’s cute or cruel to dress up dogs? I think it's silly.
5. Have you ever rescued a dog? Tell us the story. Our current dog, Perdi, was dropped off in our neighborhood. We took her in. That's about it.

E is for Eggs
1. Do you like eggs? No. Not at all.
2. Do you eat them often? No
3. How do you like them to be cooked? In something that's been baked, i.e. cakes, cookies, etc.
4. Do you like the yolk to be runny? No.
5. What do you like in your omelette? Never had one.

F is for Friends
1. Do you have a large group of friends? I'd like to think so.
2. Do you prefer one best friend or lots of friends? Either
3. Have you ever lost a best friend? Yes
4. Has a friend ever let you down or hurt you? Yes
5. What makes someone a good friend? Similar senses of humor, being there for the other person

G is for Grandparents
1. Are all your grandparents still alive? No
2. What are their names? Anna Mae & Don and Ray & Ruthann
3. How close do you live to them?
4. Are you close to them? I was to Anna Mae. Don passed before I was born. Ray & Ruthann are a whole entry unto themselves.
5. Were you your grandparents first grandchild? No. I was 2nd on my mom's side and 3rd or 4th on my dad's side.

H is for Holidays
1. What calendar holidays do you celebrate? Um... New Year's, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
2. What’s the best holiday you’ve ever had? Umm...
3. Have you ever been on holiday without a parent? Yes
4. Where’s the furthest you’ve traveled for a holiday? I spent Valentine's Day in Los Angeles once.
5. Do you class going away to somewhere in the same country you live in as a holiday? No. It's a vacation.

I is for Ice cream
1. Do you like ice cream? Yes
2. Do you eat it more in the Summer then any other time? Probably but I never really paid attention.
3. What’s your favourite flavour? Chocolate w/o nuts
4. Have you ever eaten a whole tub to yourself? No. A pint.
5. Do you have an ice cream van that comes around your houses? I saw one the other day but he went flyin' down the street, even though he had his music on.

J is for Jokes
1. What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard? A man walks into a bar. "OW!"
2. Are you known for your jokey personality? More for my sarcasm
3. Do you play jokes & tricks on people a lot? No
4. Has a joke ever gone wrong? No
5. Do you find most jokes funny even when others don’t? Sometimes.

K is for Kites
1. Have you ever flown a kite? Yes
2. When was the last time you flew a kite? It's been a good 20 years.
3. Do you still own a kite? What does it look like? No
4. When you were little were you worried that the kite would go too high & take you with it? lol, No.
5. Have you ever got a kite tangled around a pole or wire? No

L is for Life
1. What is the meaning of life? Watch City Slickers
2. Are you happy with your life? For the most part, yes.
3. What’s your lifetime goals? To just get through it the best I can.
4. What’s been you best lifetime achievement? A damn good paying job.
5. Have you ever thought about ending your life? Not seriously

M is for Mathematics
1. Was math your favourite school subject? No
2. Are you good at math? Fair to middlin'
3. What is your favourite thing to do with math [Adding, Algebra etc]? *shrug*
4. Do you use math daily? Pretty much
5. Do you tend to count in your head or use a calculator? Both

N is for Night Time
1. Is this your favourite time of day? Pretty much
2. What time do you go to bed? Depends on how late I had to work & how early I have to get up the next day. I'll go to bed anywhere between 11p and 4a.
3. Have you ever stayed out at night just to watch the stars & moon? Yes
4. Are you scared of the dark? No, I'm afraid of what's IN the dark & waiting for me.
5. How good is your night-vision? Pretty decent.

O is for Octopus
1. Have you ever seen an octopus in real life? No
2. Have you ever caught an octopus? No
3. Have you ever eaten octopus? Did you like it? No
4. Do you think octopuses are ugly or cute? Neither and yet both
5. Have you ever been inked by an octopus? No

P is for Plants
1. Are you interested in gardening? A little
2. Can you name different plants by looking at them? Tree, bush, weed. That's about as good as it gets. lol!
3. Do you grow any plants? No but I have a couple I'm trying to keep alive.
4. Do plants just die when you look after them? No
5. What is your favourite plant? Cacti

Q is for Queens
1. Who is your favourite Queen? I don't really know any
2. Would you ever like to be a Queen of a country? No
3. What is the Queen’s job description? To rule the country?
4. Are you a drama queen? Sometimes
5. Have you ever worn a tiara? Yes, in dress up.

R is for Relationships
1. Are you currently in a relationship? Yes
2. How many serious relationships have you had? A few
3. Have you ever been in love? Yes
4. What do you enjoy most about being in a relationship? I like the excitement that you get when the relationship is new. The butterflies in the stomach and the realization that the person you like/love also likes/loves you.
5. Do you think relationships are overrated? No

S is for Sex
1. Are you a virgin? No
2. How many times have you had sex? Many. I lost my virginity 20 years ago.
3. What’s your favourite sexual position? Wouldn't you like to know.
4. What contraceptive do you / will you use? I've used condoms, the Pill & the patch. We've not used anything since Jan. '05 and I'm STILL NOT PREGNANT!!!
5. Do you own any sex toys? Not anymore.

T is for Time
1. What is the current time? 1pm, straight up.
2. Do you check the time often? When I'm at work but who doesn't?
3. Do you feel that there isn’t enough hours in the day? Sometimes
4. Do you tell the time by 12 hours or 24 hours? I can do either
5. Are you good at being on time? Generally

U is for Universe
1. Would you ever like to travel into space? Sure if the oxygen was guaranteed.
2. Do you ever wish on stars? Not so much anymore
3. Have you ever seen a shooting star? Yes
4. Do you ever wonder about how the universe came about? Sometimes. What I wonder about is - they say that the universe is always expanding, yes? What's on the other side? The universe came into being with the Big Bang, right? What caused the Big Bang? What was there before the Big Bang?
5. Have you ever witnessed an eclipse? Yes

V is for Vegetables
1. Do you eat vegetables? Yes but not as often as I should.
2. What’s your favourite vegetables? Broccoli, potatoes, corn, green beans, peas, carrots
3. When you were a child did you eat your vegetables through force or choice? Choice, I think.
4. Are you a vegetarian? No
5. The big question. Sprouts; Yay or Nay? Yay if they're on a sandwich. Nay if it's like Brussels sprouts.

W is for Work
1. Where do you work? At a hotel in the Marriott chain.
2. Is that where you’d like to still be in ten years time? Oh please no.
3. What was your first ever job? Officially, working in the front office of an OB/GYN's office.
4. Do you enjoy your job? Yeah, it's pretty good.
5. Who are your co-workers? Front desk - Rachel, Meeta, Garan & Phyllis. Housekeepers - Michelle, Emily, Darla, Donna, Nancy, Leslie, Evonda and Barbara. Maintenance - Dan, Rolando & Chad. Pam is the Boss Lady.

X is for X-Rays
1. Have you ever had an X-ray? Yes
2. Are you scared of having X-rays? Not at all
3. Do you worry about the radiation that they give out? Not really
4. Why do you think they are called X-ray’s & not “bone scans” or something else more relevant? I don't know but I'm sure the answer is something scientific.
5. Have you ever had to have an X-ray in an awkward or embarrassing place? No

Y is for Yogurt
1. What is your favourite flavour yogurt? Strawberry
2. Do you even like yogurt? Yes
3. Have you ever eaten live yogurt? I think so.
4. Do you add yogurt to anything such as cereal? Yes, I used to love Grape Nuts stirred in with my yogurt. Num. Mers.
5. Do you usually eat yogurt as a meal or for a desert? Breakfast if I do it like I just wrote about or as a snack.

Z is for Zoo
1. Have you ever been to the zoo? Yes
2. Do you agree with animals being held captive? It depends on the habitat.
3. What’s the first animal you go to see when at the zoo? Big cats
4. Have you ever watched the animals being fed? No but I was there at feeding time one morning. It wasn't the Tiger's feeding time yet but he recognized the worker carrying the feed bucket. He walked around the enclosure following the worker & eyeing him the whole time, like "I'm hungry & you have the bucket that my food comes in. Where are you going? Come back..."
5. Do you live close to a zoo? No, closest one's about 80 miles away & I'm told that I'm not missing anything.

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