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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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Bored at work


"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

I know it's been, like, forever. Shawn & I lost our internet connection @ home about 3 - 4 months ago so I've only been able to access this at work. Anyway, here I am.

1. When playing truth or dare, which do you usually pick?: Truth. Last time I chose Dare, I had to suck on my friend's toe. Made her wash it first, of course, but still, nasty.

2. Last brand of laundry detergent that you used?: All Free & Clear - Shawn has skin allergies.

3. When did you last get a lot of mosquito bites? And why?: August, I think? Cuz I hung out with my MIL at her garden at sunset. Boy, was I tasty!

4. What's the last letter in the name of the last person you kissed?: N

5. If you saw them kiss someone else just now, how would you feel?: Furious. He's my husband.

6. What hair products do you use?: Suave

7. When you see bugs in your house, what do you do?: Depends on how big they are.

8. Last rap song you listened to?: *scoffs* NO idea!

9. Do you own any feminist books?: I did, until my dog ate it. The bitch. lol

10. Do you know any transexuals?: No

11. Last song you heard that wasn't sung in English?: No clue

12. Do you watch movies or television shows with subtitles?: Movies

13. Do you watch ALL the videos from your subscriptions on YouTube?: I don't have any.

14. What brand of food does your pet eat?: Old Yeller & Cat Cafe. We want better stuff but it's all we can afford right now.

15. Ever knew someone who named their animals what they were (ex. named the cat Cat, named the dog Dog, etc.)?: Not that I know of.

16. Where can you find the nearest flashlight?: In a drawer about 10 feet away but I don't think it has any batteries.

17. Are you hungry? What meal comes next?: No, I'm not hungry now but probably here in the next hour or two. This'll be dinner.

18. Do you eat right before going to bed?: I try not to but sometimes, yeah. We usually eat dinner around 7p & I don't usually go to sleep until sometime around 1 or 2 a.m. so I usually have a snack.

19. Ever had a crazy dream because you ate candy or pizza before going to bed?: I'm sure but nothing comes right to mind.

20. Last time you ordered Chinese food?: It's been a long time. The last time I ate at our usual place I got food poisoning.

21. Do you know what a "soubrette" is?: Nope

22. Do you only buy certain food items when they're on sale?: Yes

23. Ever made friends with an employee at a store you were shopping at unintentionally?: Uh, no.

24. What brand of food do you feed your fish?: Don't have any fish

25. Ever lost a hamster or a similar pet in your house?: No

26. Ever worked at the same place as a relative?: Nope

27. Where does your best friend work?: The Milton Erricson Foundation in Phoenix.

28. About what age did you start to hit puberty?: 6th/7th grade.

29. What do you think is the worst age to have children at?: Anytime before you're emotionally/physically/financially ready.

30. Ever had "break up sex"?: o_O No

31. Are you happy with your relationship status?: Very much so

32. What's the last manga you read?: I haven't

33. Last thing you borrowed from someone?: Plastic ware from my MIL

34. Do you still have something you borrowed from someone years ago and never gave it back?: Yes, a video tape

35. Do you currently owe anyone money?: Yep, I owe Dr. Turner's office about $70. I'll have to go pay that tomorrow. We owe the trash collector about $120, I think.

36. When does/did school start for you this year?: It hasn't for me for about 12 years but for my stepson, it started about 2 months ago.

Okay, someone just came through with onion rings. *sigh* Now my stomach is growling.

37. Ever had fried oreos?: No & I don't think I'd want to.

38. What flavor was the last yogurt you ate?: Strawberry banana, I think.

39. Which of your friends has the nicest car?: I have no idea. All of my friends are in Arizona. I'm in Arkansas.

40. What car do you have/want to buy/are going to buy?: I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla Wagon but I'm currently driving my husband's 2007 Dodge Caliber.

41. Last items you bought together?: Car insurance. Yay! The cars are almost legal! Both tags are expired & we haven't paid the property tax on them yet for this year.

42. When baking, do you prefer to use mixes/premade doughs or making everything from scratch?: Premade & mixes.

43. Do you like MinuteMaid juices?: I don't like O. J. but I do like lemonade.

44. Favorite brand of yogurt?: Yoplait

45. Did you ever believe warts came from frogs?: I don't think so.

46. Was this summer mild or really hot for you?: meh

47. Do you use your phone calculator or an actual calculator more?: Depends on where I'm at. I use the actual one at home. The phone one when we're out.

48. Last place you went out to eat at?: Taco Villa

49. Is there a "Lover's Lane" in your town?: I don't think so.

50. Do you have any black and white pictures laying around your house?: Yes.

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previous entry: Alphabet Survey

next entry: An earlier entry is back <--- thataway.

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