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Fritos and Bean Dip
by Lady Cherbear573

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"You must do the thing you think you can not do." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Last thing you said: Something like, "Have a good day!" I'm at work.

Last thing someone said to you: "You too!"

Last person you saw: Co-worker Shelly

Last movie you watched: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fired

Last show you watched: One Tree Hill on Soap Net

Last thing you ate: A waffle with some strawberry jam

Last thing you drank: Apple Juice

Last time you brushed your hair: This morning

Last time you changed your clothes: This morning

Last time you were hurt: A few minutes ago. My hip/leg is still messed up.

Last time you were scared: *shrug*

Last time you laughed: An hour ago or so

Last time you slept: From about 11:30p to 6:30a.

Last call you made: I returned co-worker Meeta's call last night.

Last call you received: Doris, the hotel's owner

Last email you sent: A response to my dad & my cousin re: which was my correct email address.

Last email you received: I haven't checked yet today

Last time you went outside: About 4 hours ago

Last time you looked in the mirror: 20 minutes ago, I think?

Last time you did laundry: I did some last night.

Last time you took out the garbage: I don't. That's Shawn's job.

Last time you wrote something down on paper: This morning.

Last time you saw your siblings: The eleventeenth of Junevember. I'm an only.

Last time you stayed up late: Thursday night

Last time you used chapstick: Two days ago

Last time you printed something out: A couple of hours ago

Last thing you wrote online, not counting this survey: The survey I did in the previous entry.

Last thing you thought about before bed last night: I probably didn't need to take the 2 Benadryl. I'm already pretty tired.

Last person you missed: Jen

Last song you listened to: *shrugs* No clue.

Last time you cried: Dunno

Last sporting event you watched: Dunno

Last time you had fast food: Yesterday at lunch. Burger King

Last song you sang to: Umm....

Last dream you had: I had one last night that took place during Christmas. I was celebrating with my family but it took place at my ex-boss' house.

Last medication you took: 2 Benadryl to help me sleep

Last time you exercised: *snort*

Last thing you bought: Dinner last night. Taco Villa


Sounds: Shelly cleaning the breakfast area & TV on in the background

Drink: None

Food: None

Clothes: Charcoal grey slacks & work blouse

Mood: Sleepy

Wonder: if my MIL will let me take a nap before having to pick up Chris at her house.

Wallpaper: Just the default blue with the Marriott logo

Windows open: This and work

Annoyance: I want caffeine but I don't have the money. There's plenty of free coffee & tea available but I don't like either.

What time is it? 11:00 a.m., on the dot.


1 hour ago: Probably finishing up the last survey

2 hours ago: Getting the housekeepers their papers & keys.

12 hours ago: I was starting to nod off.

yesterday: Checking Facebook & checking the housekeeping papers.

Last week: I was asleep, I think.

previous entry: 20 Q's

next entry: Alphabet Survey

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