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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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What Am I Going To Do With You?


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I need to get you out of my head. I know that you are not any good for me. You invade my mind and hold my thoughts hostage. How dare you do that! Goddammit [NAME REDACTED]! I know why you came back. You need the money. But why did you leave me in the first place? You know I fell hard for you. The daily texts and phone calls; all those late night Skype chats when I was on my business trips and the strippers! We had such great times at the strip clubs. Why did you fall off the face of the earth only to return two years later? I thought we were friends and no matter what happened you would still keep in touch. Now I question our whole relationship. It hurt so bad when your sister told me you wanted to cut off all ties to your old world. Was I ever more than a customer to you? I don’t know what to do about you. Maybe I’ll just wait and see if you try to get in touch with me.

previous entry: His Best Friend

next entry: How Can I Be Okay With This?

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Whoever this person is, your relationship with each other seems volatile. In the end it is THEIR choice to be who they wish and be around as often as they wish. You can only do so much. [ ✌-mel-☮Star] [reply]

Bish this relationship is toxic as fuck, get the hell outta there. Don't let people use you like that, stop being a doormat and then wonderin why he walks out all over you.

But also AYYYYY WHAT IS THIS ABOUT STRIPPERS? Is there some seedy back alley shit goin on here I wanna know more about this stripper nonsense do tell [unusual_gem_appeared] [reply]