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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Sad Girl


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We havent talked in a month.

You broke my heart. You broke my pride. Most of all you broke the trust i had in people.

I will say i miss you. I miss how you were, and how we were together.

I will never miss the person you've become or forgive for what you've put me through.

I just wish you could stop talking about me, stop trying to give me a bad name, because all its doing is making you look small and petty.

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Maybe this person is talking about you not necessarily in a bad light, but just to process whatever happened between the two of you. People process grief differently. I know one of my methods is writing it all out -- it may seem petty to you, but it's most likely just that person's attempt to purge their feelings. [derdoppelganger] [reply]

Maybe you did something that equally hurt said person? No one is ever blameless, so if you can vent your feelings and frustrations why cant he/she?


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

I could have wrote this. [Kelsey Lynn xox] [reply]

if something like this is bothering you a lot you should talk to that person even if they wont talk to you be the bigger person [Face The Music, It W] [reply]

I understand how you feel. [KristinVans] [reply]

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