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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Prove You Wrong


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I fear I am only staying in this relationship to prove to everyone that I can actually make one work. Many people are waiting to tell me "I told you so" when we don't make it. And I don't want to give anyone to satisfaction.

I do love my partner, but I don't know how I would feel about things if I knew I had a fall back plan? Sounds weird.

Just because two people love each other doesn't mean they are meant to be together.

But then on the flip side, I feel like my unwillingness to prove anyone right is actually making me work harder to make it work. Which in the end is going to make us stronger.

previous entry: Leaving Him

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Hmm... I applaud you for working hard to keep the relationship going, but if the main reason is to prove to the people around you wrong, then it's a rough foundation for a continuing relationship. As hard as it is, people's reactions and gossip shouldn't be a driving force in matters of love. If those who are close to you and who you trust have concerns, perhaps hear them out with an open mind. They usually have your best interests at heart. [Sparkleojoy] [reply]

You guys should do a couple things. Read the Love Dare and work through it. Skip the religiously parts if you arent religious. You should also read The Five Love Languages.

I love my husband dearly, I know that I will always love him. Some days though, I think life would be easier if I did what everyone wanted and walked out the door. I wont though, because to me, the hard stuff is what life is about.


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

i stayed with someone to prove people wrong before... in the end, big fat mistake. we're no longer together. and i never should have stayed for that reason. [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

The satisfaction they feel will be nothing compared to the sorrow you'll feel for the time you wasted. [SteveStar] [reply]