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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Do you know what bothers me about you? Your life is so perfect. Everything works out for you, no matter what. You have a good job, a lovely home, a perfect husband, a ton of great friends. You really don't know what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck. You don't know what it's like to wonder if you'll ever get a decent job. You have no idea, but you have no problem giving advice about how to deal with these scenarios. You could not be more oblivious about the world around you, and that really bothers me.

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Nothing is perfect, it may look that way from the outside, but trust me, it isnt.


[*Forever Changing*Star|0 likes] [like|reply]

This, Right here. Never make assumptions about someone else's life, they're just better at hiding their problems.

[Me, I'm NotStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

I know some people like that... But their advice isn't always wrong. They may have been where you are once, and might just be trying to help you succeed the way that they did. [Poetic Justice|0 likes] [like|reply]

I doubt that everything is as perfect as it first appears.
But even if it is... jealousy is not going to help you.
Jealousy will only keep you bitter and self pitying.
Chose to find a positive in yourself rather than negatives in others. [Prometheus|0 likes] [like|reply]

you can't assume that people say that I have $ cuz I shop at goodwill for nice clothes I remember almost losing the car cuz we were three months behind it took a long time to catch up... besides you really don't know what's behind the closed doors why r u jealous? [The Dreaming Wife |0 likes] [like|reply]

Everything may seem perfect, especially if you are writing about a blooper. Some people only focus on the positive things in their lives. [Mami 2 ♥ 1Star|0 likes] [like|reply]

For all you know, they could be piling on debt. They might be on the edge of divorce. They might be cheating on their spouse. They might hate their job. For all you know, they may very well be living pay check to pay check.

Suppose that isn't the case though, maybe the advice they're giving you is actually worth something. [SteveStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

Just because people lives may seem perfect in the moment doesn't mean it has always been that way. Maybe they have struggled and been in the same situations as you before they got to be so 'perfect'

Just because people seem to have things figured out doesn't mean that its always been perfect. Don't be so quick to judge other people. [oh!Boys|0 likes] [like|reply]

all i can say to you.. is that life is all about the choices we make. we live and die by them. [MoreThanEnoughStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

I understand your anguish, but nothing is perfect, this person very well may be living a facade of a life. [Betch.|0 likes] [like|reply]

Maybe once upon a time, they did know. Maybe they used their once adverse experience to build up their character, resilience and strength. And maybe they see themselves in where you are now, and they're trying to offer advice to help you, advice they wished someone had given them when they were in your shoes.
[lithium layouts.Star|0 likes] [like|reply]

Hah, we all know people like this. Sometimes they're trying to be nice and helpful, and other times they're just douche bags. That's the way of the world, though. Not everyone is nice, and not everyone is observant enough to know when no one gives a crap about how amazing their life is. [Emily the StrangeStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

My husband and I have had our share of problems. Our issues could have ended our marriage but instead of making them public, instead of getting everyone involved, we worked them out and went to counseling. We're better for it. People have thought that our 10 year relationship is completely perfect. In fact, it is far from it.

We lived paycheck to paycheck for a while and my mom bought our groceries because we couldn't. We were lucky enough to have had a small saving account that helped get us through but I was the only one working. Things were really difficult.

Now, though, we have a great house and an amazing relationship. We are able to give advice because we've been there ourselves.

You can't judge someone based on only what you see or from what you may hear. People don't always make their issues public and like some people have already said, they may seem to be living lavishly with no concerns but how many credit cards are maxed? How many bill collectors are calling? How bad is their marriage falling apart? You've got no way of knowing.

Focus on yourself and how to get yourself to a better place. Don't compare your lives or situations because it will only bring you down.

-- [Love, RebekahStar|0 likes] [like|reply]

There is no such thing as perfection. Everything has some kind of flaws.

"No good deed goes unpunished.."
[Loki-Laufey|0 likes] [like|reply]

perfection has to exist, otherwise it wouldn't be perfection. [.erodium.|0 likes] [like|reply]

Wow I pretty much agree with most of what was said and I do not even feel as though I can add anything.

Just my opinion: Some people want you to think everything is perfect so they paint this lovely little picture for everyone to see but inside they are dying. Trust me there is no such thing as perfection and if they say they have it they are lying.

Just me and my thoughts. [stickbug7Star|0 likes] [like|reply]

I have felt that way towards some people, but then I bring myself back to reality and remember that no ones life is perfect. Everyone has their issues, they might just hide it well, or I'm just oblivious to it. Then I just set realistic goals one at a time to try and improve what I dislike about my life. [*Ariana*|0 likes] [like|reply]

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