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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Leaving Him


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I had a nice relationship with my fiance for 4 years now we have one kid and one on the way. Recently he lost his job and is depressed. He has some injuries that prevent him from working and prevent him from being the man i knew. Hes angrier and im angrier because he just sits and does nothing but drink beer. Hes begun to do illegal activities her and there to decrease stress and its something i dont condone. He began smoking cigs again and im just fed up. Were fighting more then were happy. I stay with him for the home we built and for my child. Also i stay with him because hes my first love and i dont know how to walk out on someone.

Is that wrong of me.....
I dont know what else to do because talking to him isnt getting me heard.

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My husband is disabled. Its very hard for a man to accept that they are infact disabled, its challenging his manhood. what needs to happen is that he needs to have some counseling to get help with his mental issues stemming from this. Good luck.


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

thats sad, i could relate... well almost - my dad gotten hurt also had a serious surgery he has gotten really depressed and angier... and talks about wanting a gun and he has a bullet for it... its heartbreaking when i go through this, and when my mom does too, we go over there few times a week, but i know my mom has it wrost along with her issues and all of this...

he has gone to seek pysch and gotten meds, that actually helped him - some anti depression, if your finacee was really active like my dad was (local trucker, he worked 40-50 hours a week, had weekends off, only drove in this state and also had a fun life outside of work friends/family) then that may be the problem, he went from alot to "nothing" it is hard - maybe if he seeks some phych help perhaps till he feels better - less pain, or something it may help...or just some counseling good luck [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

When someone gets hurt and cant work, its hard. for a man its really hard. he should try and talk to someone. [Mommy2Aiden] [reply]

If neither of you are happy, then why stay together? Yeah, you got the kids together, but they're not going to like seeing mom and dad fight all the time. If mom and dad are happy then the kids are more likely to be happy, even if it's in separate households. [Ice Vampire] [reply]

You need to remember - the problems he's experiencing aren't your fault. He needs help, and you can't understand what he's experiencing right now, so you need help too. Find someone to help. If things don't work out thereafter, accept that things have changed and there's nothing you can do about it. [SteveStar] [reply]

100% agree with you Steve! [recklessly abandonedStar] [reply]

my boyfriend was burned severely (about 80% of his body) 15 years ago at work. he is supposed to get a settlement for it and 15 years later is only getting it. he cannot work because he cannot control his body temperature, he lost his house, and the mortgage company wants to go after his parents because they were co-signers. he lost 2 wives since the accident. he has no money and cannot seem to get out of the hole he's in because these people have tried for 15 years not to give him the money he is entitled to. he's depressed, stressed, and anxious almost 24/7. its hard on him because he's a very stubborn and independent man. its hard on me because i hate seeing him suffer and be so down all the time. before i got with him he had a drinking problem and was suicidal. eventually he got help, but is no longer on the meds he is supposed to be on because he lost his insurance along with everything else and cannot afford the medication. i'm lucky because he express his anger and frustrations in a bad way and has learned to control himself. but i would suggest professional help for your fiancee. self medicating does not make things any better. but professional counseling and maybe some proper medication could help. [•ºStellar~Eclipseº•] [reply]

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