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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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I feel like I haven't changed as much as I should have after all this time.

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I find everyone stays essentially themselves. I've reconnected with people I knew from school when I was twelve, and they are still essentially the same as their twelve year old selves. They mature of course, and are more experienced in the world, and so have a bigger perspective, but still the same strengths and flaws and ways of thinking. Even if they completely change their political or religious views, they hold the new views with the same approach/attitude as they held the old ones. They may have more self-awareness about their flaws and limitations, but these don't go away. [EstellaStar] [reply]

I definitely feel the same way, [StbluesboyStar] [reply]

I was thinking the same thing the other day.
But then realised I am actually kind of ok with that as I had been sulking feeling like I wasn't "me" anymore, go figure lol
[.Blue Bella.Star] [reply]

There isn't anything necessarily wrong with not changing. Unless you're a raging lunatic with shady tendencies, it's fine to stay the same person. That said, perhaps you have changed but not seen it because you're too close to it.
I found that since I've hit my thirties I've accepted my faults, changed the ones I could change, and accepted that I'm just never going to be patient, nor am I going to be able to deal with small talk. There's nothing wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with not having changed. Some people just know who they are right off the bat. That's a win in my books. [raen] [reply]

should is a terrible word. i find it only makes you feel badly and its often not helpful to think you should be this or that. as soon as i gave up trying to be this or that i was much happier. [♥Mars.FoxxStar] [reply]

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