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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Bloop Secrets!


Our Guidelines . Submit Your Secret . Link to Us

Hey everyone - I just want to welcome those returning to Bloop! I figured I'd post an update to let you all know we're still here and that we're open for secret submissions! The form has been updated, and is completely anonymous. I'm also posting another update below this one, with some information for those who may be new to this diary.

I look forward to seeing your secrets!

This diary is called BloopSecrets, which means it is for secrets. Not for a place to ask for advice, rant or give constant updates about your situation.

So unfortunately if you're not seeing your secret posted here, it was deleted because it clearly didn't follow one of our guidelines, some recent ones include:
  1. Your secret was blatantly about another Bloop user, and it was decided not to post it.
    (Or I decided that it was too descriptive to post.)
  2. Your secret was asking for advice.
  3. Your secret was nothing but an update. If you want to inform the world what's going on with your life, please update your diary for that. It's not what this diary is for.

Just as an FYI...

Our guidelines have been the same since day one, and will continue to be enforced. If you haven't read the guidelines, please do so - it would be very much appreciated.

previous entry: Broke.

next entry: Progress

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