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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Abandoned and Replaced


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You were bad to and for me. I'm still angry you abandoned us for a new family. And yet I still miss you. I'll never say it out loud. But I wish we were more important to you.

previous entry: Progress

next entry: Vandalism

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People like this are never worth your time, sadly. 🙄 My husband's father left them when he was 15. Younger brother 12, younger sister 9. Before that he was essentially a non-person and was more interested in his new “toys” than attend a choir concert, etc. He told me a story about one time the father canceled on them for their movie date. Their mom took them instead—- only to find their father sitting a few seats ahead of them WITH HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND.

My husband says he’s not hurt with his father’s actions, but deep down I think he is.

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You should. Tell that person how you really feel.

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