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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Crossing the Aisle


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I'm a middle American white Republican.

But I plan to vote for Barack Obama.

I think my party has gone completely off the deep end, and I have become so tired of their nonsense, I will do anything to see them defeated in this coming election.

I guess the main thing that I like about Obama is very simple: he's very much a family-oriented man. Just look at the way he is with Michelle and his children. I admire that a lot in anyone, no matter their color or ethnicity. Love of family is so important for weathering life's storms.

So, that said, Obama 2012

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Right on! I don't know why this should be a secret. Speak it loud and proud! I honestly don't know why anyone could vote Republican. Simply because they're all for big business and could give a rats ass about the people.

I get that a lot of people vote Republican because of their religious convictions, but religion gets you nowhere in todays day in age. Religion doesn't make the economy better, and religion doesn't grow on trees. You can be a Democrat or a Liberal and still have Christian values.

♥Lacy [foreverglow] [reply]

I can kind of understand keeping it quiet, though. If I were to vote for Obama, I would tell my family that I didn't vote. I am 25, moved out and married but my mom is die hard republican and I would never hear the end of it. I would get drilled constantly and honestly, I don't want to deal with it.

-- [Love, RebekahStar] [reply]

i never heard the end of it from my mother when i voted for same-sex marriage to be legal in our state. she also thinks i'm nuts for wanting to vote for obama again. [fifty shades.] [reply]

Haha, my mom is the same way. She came to visit me (we live 2000 miles apart) and noticed my campaign buttons, an Obama plate, and framed tickets from when he spoke and the DNC and we attended the speech accepting candidacy here in Denver. She gave me this huge speech on crap that wasnt even true. Parents.


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

i was sent a free obama bumper sticker in the mail. i like things like that and was not planning on putting it on my car. she freaked out on me when i opened it. ugh! haha. [fifty shades.] [reply]

I would never put one on my car because of crazy people. I dont want someone to ram me because of a sticker, but we have 3 of them. My daughter is in love with Obama.


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

i'm afraid someone would do something like that to my car as well. people are definitely crazy these days. [fifty shades.] [reply]

My MIL is republican, she vote for Obama last time, she will vote for him again


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

Bush was a family man too. I hope you have better reasons than his image! [FiatStar] [reply]

I agree. He definitely was a family man. [Jacqueline] [reply]

where's the like button. lol [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

I agree, Bush was a family man... He started a war to please his daddy.. [fearless♥love] [reply]

HAHA! True [**StephanieNicole**] [reply]

definitely should not be a secret go obama! [fifty shades.] [reply]


"No good deed goes unpunished.." [Bellatrix-Lestrange] [reply]

Sorry but Obama is the reason why the economy is in such a poor state,we found a way to make money with drilling for oil in north dakota and as soon as he got wind of it he shut it down. We need things like those oil jobs to put money back into the economy,Not to mention it was discovered that he's actually al qaida...So obama 2012 right? [.Love.] [reply]

Actually Bush is. Obama inherited the mess. Open your eyes. This country was in disrepair before Obama became President. Al Qaida? Obama? Are you insane? You must be. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

Could you provide a link or something to this proof that he's in Al Qaeda? I'm actually interested in seeing this.
[Det. Olivia BensonStar] [reply]

I was going to respond to this until I read "it was discovered that he's actually al qaida" and then decided that someone so stupid isn't worth my wasting my time responding to.

(But if I was going to I would have said what Greta Garbage said) [~RedFraggle~Star] [reply]

You are fucking retarded. Really. You are. Al qaida? Really?! [derdoppelgangerStar] [reply]

The republican party has made jackasses of themselves the last two elections imo. Obama 2012 baby! [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

You'd be insane not to. [CWB] [reply]

While I respect your opinion, and the opinions of the commenters on here, I am most certainly not voting for Obama. I didn't vote for him the first time and I will not vote for him a second. It has nothing to do with my political party, I'm not republican, but as a veteran, I've seen how poorly he treats our military. Also, while he did not get us into this economic mess, he made promises he could not keep regarding it. I think it's a poor decision to base your vote solely on the image he keeps. He's made many messes in his term, and I pray to God he is not elected again. [J♥me] [reply]

I'll be voting for him too. For a lot of reasons, but whether or not he's a family man is not one of them. I'm not his wife, nor am i his child, so whether or not he's a great husband and father has zero bearing on anything in my life. My concern is for where he's going to take this country, versus his opponent. I feel he's a better candidate than Romney, all things considered, and thusly he gets my vote. Vote for whichever you like, but vote for actual reasons. [Betch.] [reply]

In Canada, we call our Prime Minister Stephen W Harper because it's like he's in love with George Bush...and that's just horrible. Absolutely horrible. [Tiffany] [reply]

I'm not American so I guess this doesn't really apply to me... but I like the comments about parents being rublicans and children being democrats, it makes me smile to think that our generation is opening our eyes and changing things. [Prometheus] [reply]


And OP I will be voting for him too [HomefulloToddlerz+1Star] [reply]

My husband and in-laws are die hard Republicans. My husband has a cousin who votes for Obama and is Democratic and they drill him like crazy. My husband knows I'm Democrat but I dont discuss it with his family because I know I would probably get into a conversation that I never want to have with them. lol. [*Ariana*] [reply]

Politics remind me of chocolate pudding. Some of the times it is really good, but most of the time it is just the same old slimy bland shit.

Best of luck to you though. I have no bloody clue who I will vote for, if I even do. [DocStar] [reply]

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