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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Binge & Purge


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It's a quiet Saturday night. My friends are either out with partners or out partying. I was invited but said no, but I wish I'd just gone.

I ordered a whole pizza and ate it by myself over the course of half an hour. I then went to the bathroom and made myself vomit until I couldn't throw up anymore.

I'm a grown ass man, not some teenie kid. This is pathetic.

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get some help. it's not healthy. [Immortal Shadows] [reply]

you should consider seeking professional help about this before it turns into a bigger problem. [fifty shades.] [reply]

That is a waste of food.
And I agree with the comments above. Get professional help.

"No good deed goes unpunished.." [Bellatrix-Lestrange] [reply]

RYN: You know what isn't important? The fact he wasted food. [CWB] [reply]

This is honestly a rude comment. This person is obviously suffering and your main concern is that they wasted food... [Isolde] [reply]

i think you should seek some help, i did that before eat and vomit... and i felt horriable after few days and i was just starving myself silly even if it was a week... waste of money and food, and its really bad for your teeth, someone in our family was blimic and she was for like a few months and it screwed up her system years later and shes still paying for it... best of luck [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

I'm sorry that you're going through this. That is rough. [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

That can't have felt pleasant. Although, if you had gone out and partied, you might have still spent the same amount of time vomiting until you couldn't any more.

I think you need some counseling to find out *why* you did this to yourself. I used to do similar things, but with drugs. [kein mitleidStar] [reply]

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