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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Celebrity Crush


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Like many people, I have a celebrity crush.

But a statement this person made acted as a mirror to me - and it got me thinking about aspects of my personality.

Those who are Biblically minded will know the story of Martha & Mary from St. Luke's Gospel. Basically, Jesus came to the home of Martha & Mary to teach, and Martha was scurrying around fixing the meal and tending to the details of the visit, while Mary sat at the Teacher's feet to listen to Him.

This disturbed Martha, who asked Jesus, "Don't you care that my sisters has left me here to do all this work? Tell her to help me!"

And Jesus said to her something to the effect of "Martha, you are always worrying about these details. Mary here has chosen the better part, and nothing will ever take that from her."

Well, I'm a Martha. Not much of a Mary.

And the world doesn't like Martha. The world likes Mary.

My celebrity crush (even though he is male - and of course, I am female) has the *spirit* of Mary about him. He has been guided by the spirit, not getting hung up on fussy details. I think this is why he's regarded as being extremely cool and laid back as a person.

I wish I was more like that.

previous entry: Will he still love me?

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"of course" your female? That sentence would have worked perfectly fine without those 2 words. [Prometheus] [reply]

agreed. [holdtehpicklesStar] [reply]

love this comment [HippieMamaof4Star] [reply]

Perhaps the diarist meant "of course" she is female because she's been drawing an allusion to a female biblical character? Holy defensive agenda, batman! [FiatStar] [reply]

'Don't need "of course"' - would also have worked perfectly fine. [MarkStar] [reply]

As long as you are breathing, there is still time to change. If you wish you were "more like that", then be more like that! It'll take time, of course, but you'll be happier in the long run. [Poetic Justice] [reply]

am i the only one who is curious as to who the mystery celebrity is? [MoreThanEnoughStar] [reply]

Fuck Mary. Martha gets shit done and doesn't sit on her ass all day kissing up to the teacher. [Ice Vampire] [reply]

lmao fucking rights! [Khoquetishღ] [reply]

Seriously, I never understood that! that and why the son who stayed home (prodigal son story) basically had a shit taken on him. Well, there are some other things that I don't quite get either, but whatever. lol. [Ice Vampire] [reply]

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