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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Will he still love me?


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my husband is in basic training right now,and while i know he only joined the service to give us a better life,i am absolutely terrified of what will happen when he gets home.Will he still be the man i fell in love with?Or will he be a different man entirely?and if he is,can he still love me for who i've become while he's gone?

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In my opinion, the military changes people. I have had a few people that I knew go in, and they were totally different people when they came out, including one of my childhood best friends, which made me kind of sad. BUT- The only reason I noticed the change was because at the time these people were more like acquaintances to me than 'friends', so I didn't stay in contact with them while they were enlisted. To me, the change seemed sudden, and therefore noticeable. But the people that had kept in contact with them the whole time didn't seem to notice at all because (to them) the change was so gradual.

I assume you'll be keeping contact with your husband, so I wouldn't worry about it too much! [Poetic Justice] [reply]

This is tough; people change all the time, and usually in marriage, they change together. Unfortunately, you'll be apart for long periods of time, and so you'll both be changing while apart. This means you'll have to make an effort to remain connected in other ways.
That said, you've married him, and love is a choice. You can make the decision to love him when he comes back. [ Avonlea@ITW] [reply]

I have no idea.... but I wish you the best though. [DocStar] [reply]

one of my best friends joined the military and i noticed a lot of changes in him. i didn't like it at first, but i had to accept the change.

just keep contact with him as much as possible :] [fifty shades.] [reply]

i thought the exact same things when mine went away. we usually have a week adjustment period where its frustrating being in each others company all the time when he comes home. you wil have to accept the fact thou that he will have seen things and done things that you cant even imagine [spanna] [reply]

The military changes people. Both the people in and the people waiting. Do your best to keep comunication open and remember he may see things that he cant explain his feelings for [Mommy2Aiden] [reply]

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