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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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I'm going to be honest here...

I was one fugly mofo in high school. All my high school pictures are either burned or buried in the ground some where no one will ever find them. I was fat, my hair was frizzy, my teeth were yellow, i had some acne (not severe but nonetheless gross), and I was terrible at applying makeup. I got picked on frequently and regularly Monday through Friday. Prom season was the worst because I got asked to Prom almost every day until the day of by every hot guy in school ...As a cruel joke.

After I graduated high school, I got into shape, whitened my teeth, discovered the magic of hair products and applying makeup properly. Though I'm not a hot piece of ass by any means, my looks have greatly improved. I have no problem getting a man to notice me now

As I was searching for friends on facebook, I wondered what the mean girls and jocks of my graduating class looked like so I clicked away on facebook, It's my great pleasure to report that half the jocks are fatter than I ever was, going bald or look like they're in their mid-30's when they're supposed to be in their mid-20's.

& I think it's fucking awesome!

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That's juvenile...but I'm the same way. People were mean to me, if they were paying attention at all. I'm happy to see that those former classmates are fat. Or they've been overwhelmed by too many babies too fast. Or they married their high school sweetheart and are now working on marriage 2 or 3. It's interesting...haha [Unauthorized] [reply]

I feel the same way about my high school classmates. They were mean to me. I smile inside when I see their lives arent as happy as they thought they would be :/


[*Forever Changing*Star] [reply]

I've done the same thing but I've even taken it a step further-- I look at my life and see what I've accomplished (world traveler, business owner, strong, independent, etc.) and I look at them (still live in the same small town that we all grew up in, hasn't left the state, probably hasn't had dim-sum ever in their life).

so yea. totally normal and awesome! good for you! [LNStar] [reply]

those things happened in my high school as well. all those awful people get what they deserve. it's true when they say that most jocks don't really do anything in life after high school. i see plenty of them walking around the streets in my hometown with nothing to do, but still acting like they are king shit. i'm happy for you about taking care of yourself! that's whats most important. [fifty shades.] [reply]

Haha! That's awesome! Glad to see you've gained the confidence you deserve, and (by the sound of it) they got what they had coming to them as well! [Poetic Justice] [reply]

Haha, That is great!!! Karma's a Bitch!!!
[Adorkablii♥Me] [reply]

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