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What's your secret?
by BloopSecrets

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Sour then Sweet


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You were once such a sweet and kind friend; very compassionate and loving. Even encouraging and kind.

Then you slowly started changing and now I cannot stand you. You are such a bitch, so rude and inconsiderate. You started talking and associating yourself with other bitches, other complainers, and you have turned into them.

Not everyone believes what you believe; not everyone cares about your views on "whatever it is you are talking about" and you are not always right; so give it the hell up.

previous entry: Love At First Sight

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simple - dont deal with that person its not worth it [The Dreaming Wife ] [reply]

Why is this posted? This isn't a secret, it's an entry about another diarist. Last I checked this diary isn't Dear Anonymous. [valerieeeeeStar] [reply]

to be perfectly honest.. I have no idea who this is about..

and there's probably several people on bloop like this.. so (shrugs) idk [Eye.Lee.UhStar] [reply]

How do you know it's about another diarist? It could just be about someone in that person's life. [Anonymous SourceStar] [reply]

It was posted because it's a secret that could pertain to a large majority of people. There are no obvious descriptions of a particular person, or signs indicating it is a diarist here. [BloopSecretsStar] [reply]

I didn't even think this was about another diarist until I read the comments. It very well could just be about someone they know IRL. A friend, sister, coworker etc [HomefulloToddlerz+1] [reply]

I agree with HomefulloToddlerz+1.

I have known people and of people IRL who were nice & supportive then turned bitchy & rude, so I think it is silly to assume that this is specifically about a diarist on here. o_O
♥ [Bellatrix] [reply]

Might be worth learning how to use quotation marks properly though. [~RedFraggle~Star] [reply]

Hell, I thought it was about me. [Hoss] [reply]

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