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by Team Bloop

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Welcome back old timers!


Hello Bloopers,

I am seeing an influx of Bloopers, and some of you used to be here back in the day. Welcome back!


Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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previous entry: Spring is here - time to tidy up

next entry: Profile pictures fixed, and support delays

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Thanks's kinda like coming home! [teenahpea] [reply]

It is coming home! Bloop was/is my first love! [sumamenStar] [reply]

So excited! If there is anything I can do to help get it rolling, just let me know!! I am ready to see Bloop flourish with newbies as well as "old" timers!!! [sumamenStar] [reply]

Are you calling me old? [stickbug7Star] [reply]

Thanks Steve! I'm so excited to be back here. [Meli55a] [reply]

Hey Steve, would like to discuss running some advertisements for the site on my radio shows. Want to help grow this thing back up!

(FREE OF COURSE!) [Music God CJ Plain ] [reply]

I am already all over f-book..going to old bloopers and [sumamenStar] [reply]

Hey Steve! This old time blooper isn't leaving ever again. lol [mkay] [reply]

It's strange to be back, but I'm glad we're doing it. [Ambassador4Christ] [reply]

Thanks, Steve. Weird but nice. Finding I was deleted was sad, but started a new one instead. Maybe we can lure some more on home. [SentinelStace] [reply]

Will i ever know if someone is asking me for a password, and i hit request one if they got it? [The Avon LadyStar] [reply]

What do you mean? [SteveStar] [reply]

Woo Hoo Steve love seeing you here, reading your post and just seeing you around. Very excited for all the new things, older people coming back and just all around love Bloop. [stickbug7Star] [reply]

I have a friend that has a diary here and she cant get logged in, she has looked all over for a password recovery option and cant find one, I looked too on her behalf...are we blind or is there really no way to recover forgotten passwords?.

[Guarded] [reply]

Your friend will need to email and we can reset it for them. There is currently no automated recovery option. [SteveStar] [reply]

'Cause Open Diary died. I really want these diary sites to thrive. The people rock. [Dr@gon] [reply]

I feel so different! So much has changed! [davidsengel82Star] [reply]

I'm attempting to work on fixing my layouts to work with the new codes. For the most part I have been able to fix them... except when placing an image as the entire background.

Any suggestions on how to make the main table's background transparent?

[Designs by Jess] [reply]

i would love to know how to as well. my FP just looks weird with a huge strip down the middle without the background =|

Winter Is Coming.
[-LOKIStar] [reply]

Did you figure it out? [Team BloopStar] [reply]

Yeah, my guess is Bloop lost a lot of Bloopers that time (several years ago) when Bloop's server crash and you guys have no backup. All the users' diary entries were lost. That probably upset a lot of people, as it did me. Hopefully, you (your team) have learned your lesson and have backups and contingency plans. [Awakened] [reply]

True, I'm certain there is a bitter taste there. I also lost many entries. Our current provider is based in America and allows us to perform a nightly backup of the data. There's not much I can do about the past, unfortunately. [SteveStar] [reply]

cornerstones. xD.

Winter Is Coming.
[-LOKI] [reply]

Woo! I'm back after about a 4 year break [ChloeBrooke] [reply]

Funny because I haven't written in two years, haven't logged on in one year and I get on today and close to ten of my favorites wrote for the first time in a year in the last few days. Glad to be back. My sanity is definitely kept by writing. [.Ban.Ignorance.] [reply]

I'm not exactly back, as in I haven't written an entry in 4 1/2 years, but I just had a sudden urge to come and check in. To read through some of my old stuff. Bloop is like coming back home... [Nobody'sGirl] [reply]

agreed [blackknight] [reply]

I was first here about 6 years ago! But keep starting new diaries. I love being back though ^_^ox [Victooriiaaa_ox] [reply]

where is the tech help link? See my latest entry.... it is beyond frustrating..... I even did "come back later" this time several times while writing the entry and the entire entry is GONE [Me, Myself & I] [reply]

I think I was member number 321 if I remember right. [justlooking] [reply]

I just realized.. I signed up with when I was 17 years old. I am now a few months shy of 29... I'm an old skooler for sho!!! I survived every devastating crash, & I have managed to find my way back here no matter how many times life has pulled me away and towards other priorities. Seriously, I feel so awesome right now!!! [True] [reply]

hi steve! any chance of an xml import from my OD diary? i have some of it downloaded and saved. no idea if its even possible! thanks x [shiloh.] [reply]

Definitely possible. I don't have any files to use an examples, though, to write a script with. [SteveStar] [reply]

Hi Steve,

I used to be a member back in the day - I think it would have been right at the start. You and I used to chat a lot back then. No idea what my diary name was back then. Good to see Bloop is still going. [noidles] [reply]

I miss you Stevie.... been forever and a day since we last spoke. Hope You're doing well. [DocStar] [reply]

Where you at? [SteveStar] [reply]

I need help getting my password to my old account. [reply]

Please email me for help to unlock my account @ [reply]

I have been here since age 16, and I am almost 30 now!!! Bloop is home, though I have become distant throughout the years, I always find myself logging back in!!! [True] [reply]

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