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by Team Bloop

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Spring is here - time to tidy up


Hi Bloopers!

I feel as though I have betrayed Bloop. I haven't been around as much as I should be.

I've been doing a little bit of Spring cleaning. Some fixes:

1. You should be able to upload pictures again.

2. I have hard-coded the entry editor so that it doesn't enable the HTML editor. This is currently not working, and because it's a third-party application I really don't know why.

I want to thank you all for being a part of Bloop. I haven't forgotten about it. In fact, many of the bugs you currently see were caused by a server upgrade I performed the other day. Bloop now has increased processing power and memory at its disposal.

If there are any bugs you'd like me to look at, please leave a comment here and I will address them.

Thanks everyone,

Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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previous entry: Taskbar, mobile and BloopXtra

next entry: Welcome back old timers!

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I can't edit entries, it's just a blank page when I go to edit an entry.
I can't find where to contact support? :/ [*Amour De Bébé*Star] [reply]

Can you give an example of the entry?

Support is available via the down arrow next to 'My Bloop' [SteveStar] [reply]

That happened to me, too - but not with entries I've just written. Old entries. I tried to unprivatise an old entry by clicking on 'edit entry', but I got a black screen. I did it a different way, through 'manage my entries', but I wouldn't have been able to edit the content if I'd wanted to.
[starStar] [reply]

That's weird! Do you have any examples of an entry you were trying that with? [SteveStar] [reply]

I've had the same problem. You go into an entry, click edit entry, and it goes to the page but it's all blank and there is nothing to edit. [*Pixie*] [reply]

Steve its any entry you go back to and edit [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

Also, whenever you try to edit the entry and its blank if you try to leave without doing anything it sits in your drafts and you can't clear them because you can't save a blank entry. [Greta GarbageStar] [reply]

It's weird because the bug doesn't occur for me. Which browser are you using? I'll have to do some testing with other diaries I think. [SteveStar] [reply]

Can you give it another try? I tried it as you and it worked for me. [SteveStar] [reply]

Oh - another thing. We aren't getting notifications when people respond to our comments (this is a case in point!).

It was the old entry I unprivated in my diary. My diary only has about 8 non-private entries, and so it'll be the first one you see.

I'm using Safari.
[starStar] [reply]

It's the entry linked in my 'five years ago today' post. It isn't happening with recent posts - but it happens with that post from five years ago. I just tried again, and the same thing happens.
[starStar] [reply]

And it's not every entry. I've been trying with various entries going back the last couple of years, and most are fine, but now and then one is blank when I try to edit it.
[starStar] [reply]

I think I fixed it. [SteveStar] [reply]

You did indeed - good job!

Now you need to fix the notifications so we get notified when people reply to our comments.
[starStar] [reply]

Steve, have you thought of using CKEditor? It's a rich text editor I've used on a couple of CMS sites I've developed - seems to work a treat It also has a "source" button so you can switch between the html and the formatted content.
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

I'll have to check that out! [SteveStar] [reply]

I really like this editor. I think I'll implement it. [SteveStar] [reply]

Well there's the one bug that nailed this entry to my messages 7 times. [Det. Elliot Stabler] [reply]

I fixed that one! [SteveStar] [reply]

I would like you to examine this bug:

[Winged Centaur] [reply]

I am not sure we can do anything about that bug! [SteveStar] [reply]

Anyone else getting pop ups when going on to bloop? [.Blue Bella.Star] [reply]

I am not, there shouldn't be any pop ups displayed on the site. [SteveStar] [reply]

previous entry: Taskbar, mobile and BloopXtra

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