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by Team Bloop

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Taskbar, mobile and BloopXtra


Hello everyone,

I have made some more changes.

1. I have moved the navigation links to the left.
You will see 'My Bloop' which you can use to get to links relating to your own account.

You will see 'This Diary' if you're on a diary, which you can use to get to links relating to the diary you're viewing.

2. I have fixed the BloopXtra subscriptions. Please be aware that there will be a delay with the subscriptions applying to your account. Please message me if you haven't received your subscription.

3. I have made the taskbar buttons and dropdown menu links bigger so that they'll work better with a touch screen. (This is a temporary solution to a bigger problem, that is how Bloop will interact with mobile devices.)

Feedback welcome.


Visit the support area for assistance and the most recent system related updates.

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previous entry: Changes

next entry: Spring is here - time to tidy up

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I'm on my iPad. I can see the 'My Bloop' link on the task bar, but nothing happens when I click on it. There is a downwards arrow to the right of it. If I hover on it, it drops down to 'Random Diary' and 'Get Help'. I assume that's separate from 'My Bloop'? At least, random diaries don't seem connected to what I would define as my Bloop. I'm also guessing you no longer want to move away from the word 'Bloop'?
[starStar] [reply]

Not 100% decided on the name yet. I don't want it to be overused.

Weird that the My Bloop link isn't working. It should give you a dropdown menu with links to comments, messages, sent comments, manage my diary etc. [SteveStar] [reply]

What happens when you click 'Write'? [SteveStar] [reply]

Are you switched into your Star account from another account? [SteveStar] [reply]

I can't remember my password please help [reply]

Fixed. [Team BloopStar] [reply]

The dropdown menu to 'This Diary' works well on my iPad.
[starStar] [reply]

Oops, didn't see your replies before. It only showed my comments, one after the other. Star is my main account, so not switched. On my phone now, and interestingly on my phone 'My Bloop' works just fine. It has a number next to it too - the number of my updated faves. The arrow doesn't show though - just a square.
[starStar] [reply]

Clicking 'write' works fine on my iPad.
[starStar] [reply]

Er... realising this is something you've since fixed. On the bus right now so can't check iPad, but will check when I get home and let you know if it works now.
[starStar] [reply]

Ah yes - it works on my iPad now.
[starStar] [reply]

When I clicked "converse" in the comment area it took me to a page with random symbols, numbers and letters. Has that been fixed? [Belle Ivy RoseStar] [reply]

it's working much better on my Nexus 7! [Cuban Vixen] [reply]

I am liking the taskbar changes!
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

...You took away the option to go straight to a favs latest post...why?? [Atropos] [reply]

That's something I'm contemplating adding back / possibly adding the option to keep some of those dropdowns on the taskbar. [SteveStar] [reply]

When you write an entry, it seems as though the "Preview entry" option doesn't work.
-Sarah [canceroustears] [reply]

Very nice... works well on my desktop and my Playbook. [DocStar] [reply]

Seems fine on my computer. Wouldn't use it on my phone lol, too hard. [.Blue Bella.Star] [reply]

Two questions: (Before I ask, please know that I've tried using my phone and a computer to find an answer to both of these questions in case one had different options or a different layout.)
1. When I go to the more recent entries list, the page will not open when I clicked on the title of the entry. Is this happening to everyone?
2. How do you add new people to your favorites list now? [xo heatherStar] [reply]

To add people to your faves, hover on This Diary at the top, then click Add to Faves.
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

Is that an option on a cell phone? [xo heatherStar] [reply]

Just tried it on my phone - BlackBerry Z10 - and yes, it seems to be!
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

Are you using the mobile version or full version on your phone? [xo heatherStar] [reply]

Probably the full version. Are you seeing it on the full version on your phone/computer? I'll have a look on my phone in the mobile version when I get a chance
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

Full version on the cell phone and computer, yes. But only if I don't zoom in the screen on my phone. [xo heatherStar] [reply]

The mobile version doesn't seem to have it! *nudges Steve*
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

Is Readers Choice going to be added back onto the main page, or is it being retired?
[lithium layouts.Star] [reply]

Is there an edit entry button that I am missing? I cannot find one and messed up my title on my last entry. [Mami 2 ♥ 1Star] [reply]

It'll be under 'This Diary' when you're on the entry [SteveStar] [reply]

How do you edit an entry? Maybe I'm just not seeing it. [*Ariana*] [reply]

Nevermind, I found it! Silly me. [*Ariana*] [reply]

I just want to say that I appreciate the changes and effort that are being made to this site while others, such as; Open diary seem to be diminishing. It means a lot to me and I'm sure others that have migrated over to see physical efforts being made to improve and keep us happy. Thank you! [Ehm] [reply]

i am digging all these changes to bloop a lot. =] i have yet to check this out on my mobile, but i am sure it will be excellent. thank you.

May the odds be ever in your favour.
[-LOKI] [reply]

I've been noticing that (on my ipad) when I'm in an entry and I click "my bloop" For some reason I cannot ever get the box to go away, Unless I make a selection (which would take me away from the entry). I've hit it a couple times when I've been on an entry to see what the new Notification that I have is and it's kind of frustrating When I can't just close it away.
[Hello KittyStar] [reply]

How do I change my username? [Mark G] [reply]

I am unable to download my diary. [.erodium.] [reply]

I am locked out of my diary (and I'm an Xtra subscriber). I think my account has been hacked. I submitted a support ticket nearly a week ago and haven't heard anything back. Please help ASAP.

MoreThanEnough ( [reply]

How do I contact support these days?? [Sx3.Layouts] [reply]


Bella, did your ticket get answered? [SteveStar] [reply]

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