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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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The Illuminati owns every University.


I am passionate. I am intense. Anyways. Absolutely anything to do with psychology in this world is infiltrated. The Illuminati owns every University. And for me to say that is really something because I studied it for many years. Writing papers about it getting graded on bullshit. But I'm really glad because now I can see that it is flawed.

It's just like the medical system is all a mouse on wheel type situation because there's never a cure it's always a means to an end of more money made for the system. If we don't know who we are of course we're going to hurt our bodies. And when we find out who we are and stop hurting it that's when they start hurting it. Which leads us to hurt it again, out of desperation and physical sickness. It is a vicious circle. But everybody blames the person who did it instead of the forces behind why they did it.

EVERYONE was taught by this world. even the amish go to doctors or shrinks etc. Everyone claims to believe something that when extreme circumstances happen, they do not follow...That is partially why I hate religon. We are not to judge anyone for anything because we don't understand what's going on in other realms. Everything manifest first in the spiritual and then here. When people make stupid choices I'll just use myself as an example it's because we've been tortured to a point we can't take it anymore at least for those of us who are on The Hit List of the program.

It's called being a starseed but I hate using that word now because the new age people have screwed it up so bad. The point is we're not from here. Example: People cut themselves as teenagers is because they need to breathe I'll just leave it at that. This body is only a vessel remember. I tried to explain before it's like when people cut themselves as teenagers there's a reason for that. And it's not mental illness but they don't understand then they're taught by the world that they need therapy and help.

I am just so fed up and I am talking to myself as well too. This is going in my book. I am so tired of people not having the balls to live what they claim to believe. EVERY BODY LIES. But then...We all try again tomorrow...Unpromised days ahead? I hope so.

SO many people feel they have sealed their fate. I was one of them. But I am gonna rip the canvas off and start again, because NO ONE is going to tell me anymore who I am, why I do what I do, or anything because only God knows my heart and it is NOT true that how a person acts reflects their heart, are you kidding me? The angriest, meanest people are usually those who are and have been hurting the worst! But you people would rather take your Bible and bash us over the head.

I know the word of God better than most, and it was NOT meant to be a weapon against other people. You know why you believe what you do? Because someone told you. EVERY SINGLE BELIEF YOU HOLD IS SOMETHING YOU WERE TOLD. That my friend is called indoctrination. That my friend is called programming. That my friend is called BRAINWASHING.

I am not saying ALL you were told is a lie, but ask God to strip you of everything you have ever believed, and ONLY TAKE THE TRUTH FROM HIS VOICE. No books. No pastors. No nothing. For even a week for crying out loud. Go out in nature. Talk to God. You might soon find that you will be talking WITH Him instead. THE ANSWERS WE SEEK ARE WITHIN. It could not be more simple. Yet it took me all my life to get what it really means. Silly rabbit I am. Love you all.

previous entry: Good enough?

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