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Shadows Of Fantasia........
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

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STEWARDSHIP has been turned into STEWARDSHIT. Spent my life knowing how to read people. Learned early on what angers people and what calms them down. Body language, eyes, hands, shoulders, hands in pocket or out, they do self soothing mechanisms, hands legs, I became a human lie detector and even when I dont say anything? I see. I see you. Had to learn to use those things for self preservation, and outright survival of the physical mostly, but even the soul sometimes. Learn what people what to hear.

Spent my life despising labels, was born different and damaged. So being born into a world where every soul is compartmentalized and juidged and labeled and stuffed into boxes they dont belong in, and the rest of their lives are history. Recovering from this, being treated for that. Some people are born damaged, but that doesnt always mean that they need to be fixed. Labeled. Drugged. Tormented and rejected. All because of a system who makes trillions off keeping sick, physically and mentally. Trillions of dollars of busines in medical and psych.

What would happen if peopel were treated as someone who isnt broken? If people were allowed to heal? The system would be out of business, but my god, maybe kids would know what human really means, instead of always falling short of what they are ' supposed to act like, and be '.

Who decided what is sane and insane? If this world would abide by the 10 commandments alone, at least 90% of the need for this all important '' system '' that has taken the place of God in peoples lives, would be gone. This worlds version of suggess comes at way too high of a price. The buying and selling and trading and tricking people to agree, of HUMAN SOULS.

If I had listened, I would have a laundry list of so called diagnoses. So basically have spent my entire life running from the truth.

NOW, on the other hand? A system people either 1. aRE BLINDLY TRUSTING IN OR 2. Are badmouthing without the resources, knowledge or skill to do anything about, may be seen by some as being counterproductive. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. If ' being honest ' means to go by labels given? It means acknowledging their labels and how they apply to me/us, and choosing to say NO I DONT ACCEPT YOUR JUDGMENT OF ME NO MATTER HOW MANY GENERATIONS ITS BEEN.

tHE NORMAL? To fight being controlled by a system that doesnt even truly want to see you get well.

I live in a world where gifted becomes ' SPECIAL NEEDS ' and differences are looked down upon. Why is it so important for them to make us all the same? That is impossible for some of us, we wouldnt be born damaged if the powers that be werent so threatened by us that they dumbed dowm generation after generation. Metals that cut off our abilities and connection to the creator. So when some are born with that halfway intact? We are healers, supernatural by definition. AND can hear God. The source of all. So that has become delusional, and skitzo? And that cookie cutter version of us has replaced true humanity. STEWARDSHIP has been turned into STEWARDSHIT. Stewardship of human life and this planet has been replaced with blindly obey - consume - destroy for profit and greed and teach the next generation to be even worse than us. ALL to fix the problems we created in the first place.

Theres nothing wrong with my generation except for being the victims of pride, greed, arrogance, make money wheel. The real American Way. I am grateful for so many reasons to have been born in the states. But wer are HUMANS. HU-(Bent angle ( angel ? ) of light MAN. Light in flesh. What exactly has that meaning become? Maybe Angels, light and love dont look like what we think.

Maybe it looks like me. Or you. Or the person homeless on the street. Maybe.......<3

previous entry: The Illuminati owns every University.

next entry: Unlovable?

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