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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00018. Leason Learned



Tip From Me To You! - Do not slam your dishes around when you are mad to someone!
Why? - Because you end up breaking your favorite one =[

Okay So there has been some family drama about christmas dinner!

I found out on thanksgiving my brother larry wanted to have dinner at his house. Now mind you no one asked me!! apparently larry & my mom talked about to prior to thanksgiving but no word of it to me. Last time I checked I wasn't 5 and didnt go everywhere mommy went!

Anyways long story short! My brother wants christmas at their house, i didnt wanna go, my mom n mike dont wanna be there long, they dont mind stopping by tho.

Well on friday I was at my brother larrys and chars just hanging out letting the kids play when larry came home from work for lunch

He then started trying to tell me whats going on with him and my mom. which apparently turned out to be world war 3. Anyways before he even started i said i didnt want to get involved. and he kept running his mouth.

well i left there about 4pm ish. i kid you not!!!! i was home 10-15 min & my mom text hom saying shes knows that shes being talked about and this that and the other thing.

Well larry texted char to come pick up larry cuz i had him over here. She gets here and is explaining why she has to take larry. And as much as I cant stand lil larry i love him ya kno, and your not gonna accuse me of something i didnt do..


i went off. and larry called her like 5 mins after she got here and im yellin in the backgroud "this is why i said i dont wanna get involved, everyone blames me, it's always my fault.. I said i didnt wanna know anything!! last person I called was welfare" OOOO i went off!!!

Char left lil larry and read the text my mom sent to my brother and she said he read way to much into it!!!!!


previous entry: 00017. Speech Therapy

next entry: 00019. Taking on a new roll

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