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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00017. Speech Therapy



So Jaiden had his appointment on Monday as a regular check up. I brought up some of my concerns about his legs & feet, along with his speech!

His doctor gave me 3 referrals for Hearing Test, Speech Therapy, & for a Orthopedic.

So this morning I made all the phone called needed.

He has an appointment with the Orthopedic at St. Christopher's Hospital on Jan 12th
He has an appointment for the hearing test at St. Christopher's Hospital on Jan 26th
He has an appointment with his regular doctor Jan 29th

I called Child Link & Seeds and registered. I should hear back from them in a week about them coming out for speech therapy. I like this place because they come out to your house to make the children more comfortable! Which is awesome!!!

So Jaiden is gonna be a busy little boy!!

The appointment with the Orthopedic is for an evaluation. They will check his hips, knees & feet.
Jaiden is bow legged & pinged toed. Plus he's flat footed

So if it's his feet, he will have to wear special shoes...
But if it's his hip, he's probably gonna have to wear braces!

Now, His legs and feet were worse but as he got older they got better. But the thing is they haven't gotten any better since.

So i explained everything to my mom & what not!!
Later on today she called me back and was asking about some more learning toys and such that she can get for him. The she explained he might need braces. & i told her I knew that.... She started crying!!! She went through a lot with my brother when he was a kid with the cerebral palsy.

I have accepted a long time ago Jaiden might need braces! & I have no problem with it! Unlike some of my family members... If my child needs help, He will get the help he needs NOW, NOT TOMORROW!!!

I refuse to let my child be behind in any way shape or form cuz I'm lazy!!!
& yes I'm talking about my brother and his girl! My nephew needs speech therapy and have been told this for the last 2 years and haven't done anything about it!!!

When I told Char about Jaiden her exact words were "Yeah I think Larry will need speech therapy when he goes to school"
ummmmm does that make sense to you???? cuz it sure as hell don't to me!!!

the whole point is to get him help before he start school other wise he will be behind!!! whatever!!!

but this is my update for now!!! =D


previous entry: 00016. My Family {Pics}

next entry: 00018. Leason Learned

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