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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00016. My Family {Pics}



So I was about to write this long entry about my son and family & i'm thinking...DUH amanda.... Some people don't really kno anything about me & what not!!!

So I found some pics of my family, this way you can put a face to the name and I will explain some things about them & how my relationship is with them! Info will be under the pic

Nick - Nick is tech my half brother! He & I have the same mom, different dads! But I always have and always will consider him my brother, my best friend. Nick will always be apart of me. & if i ever lost him, I don't think I could handle it!! Me & nick were not your normal brother and sister! We rarely fought!!! we had 1 major falling out and didn't speak for a year!=[ I dont think we will ever have what we had, But I must say, I wont ever give up trying!! He has apart of a poem that I wrote to him on the back on his left shoulder with my name =D & i plane on getting his fav ninja turtle on the back of my left shoulder with his name!! I think i would be lost with out him!!

Larry - Larry is also my half brother! He & I have never had anything special!! & never will!! I love my brother, I will not deny that! & yes if i lost him I would be hurt, Very hurt! But I would live!! I can do without seeing him that much. Hes a back stabber. Does nothing for anyone unless its whats best for him!! not him and his family just him!! Hes a liar!!! I would never trust him with my or my sons life!!! =/ Larry has cerebral palsy. it has damaged the left side on his nerves. If you kno him, you wouldnt even know he had it. But he cant really use his left hand {your right}

Charlene - I use to like her, a long long long long time ago. But 11 years with my brother has rubbed off on her!! I have made it clear to my mom she is not family!!! she will never be!!!! ill take the dog shit on my shoe and call it family before i call her family!! My mom gave my my brother my grandmothers wedding ring and he asked char to marry him. No one was happy with that!!! No one wants her here!!!

Larry III - I love my nephew but i cant stand him!! Hes rude, disrespectful, lil fuckin brat!!!!!

Valerie - I have known Val since I was 8 months old. I am 21 now! We have been friends for 20 years. through thick and thin, talking and not tlking! she is my sons god mother and i trust her with everything!!!! Some of you might remember her cuz i wrote a entry about her and her issues with what she thinks is fat!!! & for those who remember her, Shes doing great!!! shes off diet pills and is doing weight watchers even tho she dont need it! But im just happy she doing it the right and healthy way!!! She is my family!! She is like my sister!!!

Dave - My dad!!! =/ I love him & we use to have this amazing relationship!! I was such a daddys girl! But things just never got better and we no longer speak! He has walked out of my like time after time. But this was the last time!! he walked out on my son & he will never earn the right to walk back in!!! & i will say this... I love him but i do not care what happens to him! He shyt of my life and rubbed it in! he made everything worse and never better!! He chose to stop drinking for his current gf but not for either on of his ex wives or his 3 daughters or 2 step sons! & i will never forgive that!!!

Mike - My step dad!! He cares so much about my mom & i m so glad shes finally happy with him! He sound mean sometimes but hes always looking out for her best interest!! He is jaiden grandfather [poppy] and this is the only one he will have!! & i can't be any happier then that! He has no children os his own =[ But he is a great man! Hes a big kid & im very thankfully hes apart of our lives! Hes they guy that if my mom and him split up id be secretly taking jaiden to visit him! hahaha

Sandy - This is my mom!! not much to say about her! She has a lot of health problems and i always fear she wont be here tomorrow!! were so much alike its not even funny!! I mae sure she put in her will that if my brother and char were to ever seperrate or divorce that ring was to come back to my family.... lol!! but thats my mom, sorry for the crappy pic. shes been through some shyt!! shes a strong woman!!!!

Me - & this is me!!!! I do have 2 sisters & a niece but no pictures at this moment... dont see them to even tlk bout em!!!

but if u wanna kno anything feel free to ask! onto a real entry now!!!


previous entry: 00015. Needles & Nails

next entry: 00017. Speech Therapy

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