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This is My Journey To Find Happiness
by ♥Amanda

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00015. Needles & Nails



So this morning, Jaiden had a doctor's appt. @ 10:30

Jaiden decided he was ready to be awake @ 5:30 =/
Lets just say.. I was not a happy camper!!! Considering I was up for a lil while with tummy pains!!! So I got him cereal & milk and put a movie on for him and headed back to bad!
I woke up to the normal mess any 1 child would leave... but this time, there was extra!! He took his conditioner and squeezed it out in his bedroom and the living room. Needless to say, I didnt care & still havent cleaned it up, lol

Well we get to the doctors and for like 15 mins hes being a brat in the waiting room. Finally he's his normal self. Loud and babbling away and the center of attention!!

The nurse calls us back & I take all his clothes off [top layer - bottom layer: Gloves, Hat, Jacket & hood, Shoes, Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Footie Pj's, Socks... =D] So she can weigh him and get his height!!! HAHAHA he was NOT having it!!!! she got his weight 23.5 & his height.. IDK, lol hes short I can tell u that, lol!!

So the doctor comes in and were talking about why i missed his last 2 appts and she foragve me =D lol, shes a sweet lady!! So I explained to her about his eye and she said she would check it out! So what she had to do wad put this dye in his eye and use a black light to see if the scratch was still there or not. [which would determine if he needed to see a eye doctor about the damage]. Well I had to hold my poor baby down so she could put this dye in his eye and he was flipping shyt!!!!!!! It was pretty cool tho cuz with the black liight his teeth were supper dupper white and he eye was like a lime green!!! AWESOME!!!! lol But thankfully there was no damage!!!

She then checked his heart rate and all the other goodies! I asked her to check his legs as well & he refused to walk!!!! So she gave me a referral to a orthopedic. I also got a referral for a hearing and speech doctor. Jaiden is really behind speech wise!!! I knew he was gonne need help, My mom said give him time and he will talk when hes ready. & yes I agree. But I rather have help just incase there is something wrong! I rather get the help now and not tomorrow you know! sooner the better kinda deal!!

Jaiden got 3 shots!! Just his reg ones, No flu or H1N1. Were good!!! lol He was not happy!!! never had a problem with shots b4, but today was a whole new level of screaming!! I think he grew a 3rd lung with how loud he was!!! Well you would think my horrible morning ended when we left the doctors.... If you guessed yes... Your wrong!!! We got on the bus took like 5 mins to get to my block. I got off and had to walk up 2 blocks to my street.. walking down the street carrying jaiden as hes falling asleep and do you kno what i do?????

I STEPPED ON A FUCKING NAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah that fucked went right through my shoe and into my foot!!!!!! Little damage thankfully i felt it before i pressed any harder! took 5 minss to get it out... got home and called my mom to ven even tho shes sick and i didnt care cuz i needed to vent HAHAHA

So i cleaned it out and was better. Jaiden was miserable for a few hours!! slept on n off for a while now hes out!!!

Okay so yeah that was my day!!!

Kurt - Okay I am sure some of you would like to kno about kurt and all.. Okay so no lie I met kurt 4 maybe 5 year ago from the website & this guy has been my friend ever since!!!! We were always friends with benifits, on and off friends cuz im a bitch!!! lol But we were good friends and he was like a brother kinda. except we had sex... lol anyways he weould protect me. If i was seeing a guy he would ask a million and 1 questions!!! in my old apt he rented the spare room from me!!!
He has a son Kurt as well!! Hes a single dad. hes a police officer, hes about 27 i believe! Honestly i dont remember, im very bad with ages & birthdays.... I hate numbers!!!! He lives not that far from me, like a 10 min drive! Ummm... Hes just a real sweet guy all around!! I mean any question ask & ill do the best i can to answer em for you... not much to say, hes just a good guy that i have always cared about. He knew i had feelings for him years ago, it just never went anywhere... its not anywhere just yet, im hoping it does tho!!! =D

okay so yeah... thats about it!!! lol

heres a pic of jaiden's feet... i just love em!!! hahahahah
ooo & im working on some christmas snags... lol this is the 1 i made so far =D


previous entry: 00014. Hair Cut & Siggies

next entry: 00016. My Family {Pics}

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