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YarnLovers's Diary
by YarnLovers

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Projects! -- Sheri


Hey All!! These are some of my current projects!

I made these booties for my BFF Manda that is having a baby in like 20-some days!

I used a pattern for the sole of the first bootie, and then I just kinda played around with it until it looked right! I decided to do the bows with just regular chains which may not be super practical for future Mommy, but it is all that my current abilities will allow!

This is the blanket that I am also working on.

It is just going to be double crochet, and then I am going to attach some light pink flowers in one of the corners. It is going to take me a while, but... I don't have a job! haha!

and last but not least...

my next project I am going to tackle is going to be towel toppers for hand towels. I found one at my mom's house tonight, and thought it was sooo cute and practical, that I am going to have to do it! So, here is what they look like, but mine will (obviously) be much cuter haha!!

Hope everyone is well!

previous entry: New-ish Member Sheri

next entry: 2 baby blankets (pics)

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those booties are adorable!!!

I can't wait to see what your blanket comes out looking like!!

oh and i love the two ideas!

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