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xSlashxSkullsx's Diary
by xSlashxSkullsx

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The wait is over..


Now, after many weeks apart I have returned my friends to grace you with yet another entry into my life. A lot has changed over these few weeks apart, friendships have been tested, people have come and gone, but I still remain.

Fo the most part life is still the same, in the most dismal and uneverntful way possible. My life remains what it always has been, when others ask me " How's life?" I tell each of them the same thing, its the same, thats the thing with me and some of the people I hang out with, nothing ever seems to get any better or any worse. Some would say this is reason why drama starts between friends, it starts with a group of friends who really get along and have no huge problems with each other create issues that really have no basis to procreate in the first place. People get bored and talk shit, it's better then sitting around not saying anything to anyone, that would be a wasteful day, so inturn you create drama to make something to talk about. Here in lies the main problem with the the creation of drama, people sometimes have trouble, I myself included, realizing that not everything should be taken to heart, not everything is meant to be understood in a negative way, this is were problems arise. Although even while typeing this out I feel like I am not entirely sure about what I am saying, ah the constant doubting that is constant in my mind, oh how I hate it!
Anyway thats enough about of that nonsense for now, I have bigger fish to fry, this upcoming week is spring break which I am very excited for, a whole week of not having to wake up for school or worrying about tests, thank god! During this week I intend on having as much fun as humanly possible, I want to go out every night till the wee hours in the morning and I want to do whatever the fuck I want to do, so HA! I have no idea what that was for, but I am in a good mood and nothing can change that. In other news, tonight is a long awaited night because it is the midnight premiere of the Watchmen movie which me and a friend of mine have been eagerly awaiting for many a minth now. So anyway now I must leave you, I will try and get on here more often to make more entry's I promise, so everyone, have a good day and stay classy America.


previous entry: Long time coming...

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