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xSlashxSkullsx's Diary
by xSlashxSkullsx

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Long time coming...


First, let me apologize in the lag in which I have made an entry. I have had a very long weekend and beginning of week. This weekend was a very interesting one, a bunch of friends and I went out on two different occasions and blew shit up, yea that's right, we blew up two playstation 2's and a monitor of a computer. We really had no real reason to but it was fun so who cares. Next on the list was the Superbowl Sunday, thank god the Steelers won, although there was some times during the game when I thought I was going to pull out my hair but thankfully I didn't have to. As my week went on it got more and more dismal, school is getting harder as most college courses do, but for some reason I seem to have to push myself harder then normal to just get simple task completed. I have also begun a new night time ritual, I'm sure many of you do this but it is me, laying in bed right before I am about to doze off, and I think, I think about everything and anything. I think about things that have happened to me that day, or certain things that someone I know had said. And it seems to me that this is helping me a lot figure out a lot about the people that I hang out with. Helps me come to grip's with things that trouble me, although nothing is ever perfect as we all know. It is also bringing in past memories of things that I thought I was over but apparently I am not, of course. Things that I know shouldn't matter but do. For example, things are not the greatest between my ex and me, like most relationship's it didn't end how we would of wanted it to, so know we go through this periodical talking phases, and when I mean periodical I mean like once maybe a month for like a day, nothing interesting but it seemed that this last time talking really revealed a sense of closer between the two of us. She has moved on and so have I and that I found was a good first step as many would think, next we went through this little dance of words that can be summed up like this " I really am happy..." and from there you can enter your own take. But all in all it was a productive session, too bad I'm not fully over her...

Anyway, on to the next paragraph, hopefully not as long as the first. I have a couple things I want to talk about and if you have any comments I would be very thankful if you commented on them so I can get some other opinions besides the ones that I already get, wanted or unwanted.
OK so here it is, I have come to see that having a friends siblings hang around with us can be as is a bad idea. A friend of mine brought her sister to hang out with us a few times, she is nice and all, funny and at the time she seemed mature beyond her years, but it is in that assumption that things start to go wrong. Before you knew it she had a crush on a friend of mine and he acted on it because well..he's a guy, its what we do, we act on impulse. So long story short he comes to realize she is not his type of pie so to speak and cuts things off, it is in that pivotal moment where things go absolutely out of control, she begins to have these uncontrollable feelings for him and blah blah blah, it was here that her true maturity was revealed. Due to her lack of age and experience she thought that it was the real deal, her and him in it for the long run...NOT! Sorry if it seems like I am being a little mean but it is kinda true but then again ya can't blame the girl, she didn't and never knew how guys were beyond her safe little high school.

And...we are moving on, the next thing I would like to talk about how when friends date friends, this seems to be a social stigma that most attempt to avoid, but in my experience I have come to see one that is working quite well, two friends of mine that many would of never pegged to hook up did, and it is working out very well. What I want to know is this, what is the things that cause these work, and cause them to fail, how can it become normal if a break-up occurs, and how to prevent taking sides? Comment or message me, I would like to know!

In conclusion I am finding that it was far more enjoyable to make an entry after a few days then everyday, it helps me collect my thoughts and really gives me time to think about everything that has occurred. So now that I am finished writing the Notebook so to speak, I leave you..


previous entry: Morning after the night before

next entry: The wait is over..

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As for the who sibling thing, yeah it's a bad idea. Younger siblings are never as mature as their older siblings.

On the note of two friends hooking up....yes it can work. haha. What causes these to work is not just jumping into the relationship. You have to get to know each other without everyone else around and then actually talk about it. lol. Let's put it this way, if you are both it in for whatever happens, it will work. We'll have to talk about it some more later haha.

[iamnotyou_81|0 likes] [|reply]

welcome to bloop I like your style so I added to my faves.

[jd|0 likes] [|reply]

here is my thought on this. I totally agree with the comment about how younger siblings are not as mature as their older siblings. But to the fact that people try not to date within their friends. Thats stupid cause you have to be someone's friend to date them right? or am i way off in left field on that one?

[iamme_247|0 likes] [|reply]

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