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xSlashxSkullsx's Diary
by xSlashxSkullsx

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Mobile entry


This is interesting, I never knew that I was able to update this thing through my phone. This once again renews my faith in my Blackberry. I enjoy being able to update this as well as other social mediums this way.

Anyway, onto my actually entry. I have been working a lot lately. I took up a second job, in which its basic function is to scare people, I'll let you figure it out. It came out this weekend that I worked around 50 hours at both jobs. My weekend was apprently only twos long, lost a couple a long the way. Things are going pretty well lately. Nothing has been seriously bugging me besides things that bother most of my friends as well. I friend of mine has a certain way of lying about things that are unessasary. It becomes an annoyance after a while as you can imagine. Most of all I have been dwelling on the past lately, not my recent past but far past. Reflecting upon my high school years and all the things I did or did wrong. I have a lot of regrets, I have made more mistakes I care to metion. So the question is how I fix myself, how I moved forward to better myself as a person. I have a very healthy support system with my family and friends. I don't think I am a bad person, just a person that has made mistakes that have ruined opportunities towards happiness. Not much more I have to talk about, if this works out, I should be doing this through my phone more often.

Good day.

previous entry: Fuck.

next entry: Take me out

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Everyone has it where they dwell on their past. Take it from my are not a bad person...if fact I know that you aren't a bad person. We all make mistakes...and as long as you learn from them then you should be fine.

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