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by valencia

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Up in the air


Last entry I talked about my landlord renewing my lease and my struggle with that, well my landlord has not given me the new contract and my renewal date came and went. The last time she texted me, she said she would be emailing me the lease so I can sign my new contract. I am not going to remind her because maybe she will just forget and hopefully soon I could move. I bought my plane ticket for Labor Day weekend, and booked my hotel room. I am trying to create a day out in San Francisco for Ryan and I.

My plan was to do brunch in his town, then catch the train into the city, then either do a boat tour first or the Anime Museum then have lunch, then go to activity number two which is the boat tour or the Museum, then either the place where we can smash things, or an Escape Room, then dinner and drinks in town. I was planning that day to be Saturday, like surprise after surprise for him. He would love the Anime Museum.

8:00 AM- Light Breakfast perhaps?
Train to San Francisco
Boat Tour
Anime Museum
Escape Room
OR Smash Things
Dinner & Drinks

Not sure though. Friday I come in early in the morning, my plane lands in Oakland at 7:15 AM so I was thinking we just spend the whole day together in the hotel, order in so we can have a fun filled day on Saturday. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we will hang around his town, we want to look at some apartments and homes together and see where we want to end up living, what area of the bay area. We also want to watch some Netflix shows and movies together, so there will be plenty of that.

Anyways I am at work, and have nothing to do. My boss is not coming in. I do have things to do but other than that, nothing else. The stuff that I do have, can be done in like 30 minutes.

This weekend, I have plans with my DSA group. We are going to go support a local comrade that is a struggling musician, then we have a group get together to talk about National and the delegates that got chosen, and going to drink at a ice house and dinner with them, but before that outing on Saturday I am going to a local book fair that a local place is hosting. So I will be keeping myself busy this weekend. Last weekend I chilled and stayed home. Anyways I can't wait for Labor Day because I will be reunited with my boyfriend, and I miss him so much. Ugh!

Peace, Valencia

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previous entry: Day One-Oakland Trip

next entry: Book Nerd!

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