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by valencia

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Day One-Oakland Trip


So some asked me for a detail by detail account of my trip to visit Ryan. So here you all go. I must warn you it is pretty boring. Lol!

So Thursday May 13th

Woke up at 3:00 AM honestly I think I got about 2 hrs of sleep. I woke up and took a shower dressed up and said bye to Lucky (my dad came later in the day to pick him up, left my keys in the mail box. I already had packed Luckys little backpack with all his snacks, toys, his bed and blanket gave him some water, no food because it was way to early and he never eats that early), by that time my Uber was on my road looking for me, so I took my stuff outside and while trying to put my luggage in her vehicle, I threw up, she immediately gave me water, I had taken an anti-nausea pill for the airplane ride and since I took it on an empty stomach it immediately came up. So after all that I got in the car and she took me to the airport. She asked me where I was going so early, i was like i am flying to visit my boyfriend, she told me good luck and to have a safe flight and by this time it is like 3:45 AM and I just got to the airport.

The ticket counter where i can check my bag in did not open until 4 am so i just sat down and waited. By 3:50 AM there was already a crowd and a line I was like damn but it went by super quick, so I printed out my boarding pass and my luggage tags and put the tags on my luggage and then waited in line for a few minutes. Honestly the line went by super quick, checked in my luggage, then I walked down to security which was on the other side of the airport and security line was super long but also went fairly quickly. Probebly waited about 30 minutes, after security I walked to my terminal and that was a long walk, I got to the terminal about 40 minutes before they started boarding people.

I was in "class c", about 10 minutes before boarding I went to the restroom because I knew I did not want to use the airplane restroom which was right across the hall from the terminal. Super convenient. I also filled my water bottle with water , then by that time they were boarding the "b's", so I started getting in the line once they were almost done with the "b's", finally boarded and I picked the last seat on the airplane.

So the reason why is because with covid I don't trust anyone
, but everyone was pretty good with keeping their masks on and distancing. The flight was pretty full so I got the window seat and a lady sat on the aisle seat. It was perfect. We waited until everyone boarded about 30 minutes then they gave us the instructions that they do for every flight, by this time I was freaking the fuck out in a good way.

I was like holy shit, i am about to see Ryan in like a few short hours. I texted him and was like I am on my way baby, of course he didn't respond since it was like 3 am his time so he was fast asleep. I just started relaxing and finally they told us to buckle up so I put my seatbelt on and the plane was "backing up", (I know there is a term for it but cant remember), so we are finally running the taxi and starting to go up and it was a terrible feeling because we had a bit of turbulence because it had been storming the night before. The weather was a bit icky. My neighbor freaked out and so we held hands because she was scared and also I couldn't close the window so she was seeing everything while feeling the turbulence. So for me I am so weird with airplanes like I hate heights but for some reason I love taking off and when the plane lands I don't know why. To me it is exciting. I am weird. So I was looking outside and then I was tracking the flight on my phone. You can track it on the southwest website. It is awesome. So that calmed my nerves but also i noticed it took an hr to get out of Texas by flight, I am like wtf! Lol!

Anyways by this time the plane was leveled up and they started passing out the snacks and drinks. I usually never drink soda but I got a ginger ale just so my stomach can be settled. And then ate some of my snacks just so I can have something in my stomach. After that I put my headphones on and listened to music and managed to take a quick nap. By the time I woke up we were already approaching California, so I got even more anxious and happy. I was like omg this is really fucking happening. Holy fuck! In a few short hours I will be in his arms. It was such a beautiful intense feeling like I literally can't describe it. We finally were approaching San Fran and then we started approaching the Oakland airport which is like right by the sea which is crazy. So we start landing but had to wait to get to our terminal another plane was leaving but I was energized by this point that nothing was taking my happiness away. Then we taxied to our terminal and they opened the doors and then we all were getting off and since I was in the back I was the last one off the plane. It felt so damn slow. Lol!

But finally I got off and I needed to use the restroom so went to the restroom at this point I was requesting an uber to the hotel in Ryan's hometown which is about 30 minutes from Oakland. So came out of the restroom and went to go retrieve my luggage from the carousel, at this point a worker came up to me and was like do you need help, I don't know why he felt the need to help me maybe because I am really short and he took pity on me. So he handled my luggage and showed me where the uber's pick up passengers. So went there and waited for my uber and holy fuck it was cold but not to cold. Like the air felt so good. I had no idea it was going to be cold. I was expecting it to be super hot but nope. I loved the breeze.

And I had a surreal moment where I was super emotional and super happy all at the same time. I had so many emotions and remember Ryan couldn't meet me at the airport so that is why I took an uber which was fine actually. It worked out pretty well and plus Ryan does not have a car because there public transportation is so awesome so you don't really need a vehicle. His town is also super walkable but anyways that comes later. So I got on the uber and I was just taking in all the scenery, the uber driver was very nice and actually he picked me up in style a freaking Mercedes Benz, i was like damn i had asked for a normal vehicle but eh whatever. The guy was super nice and was asking me what i was doing here. We talked the whole way there and we finally got to the hotel. So he helped me get my luggage off and then i went to go check in and guess what, i couldn't check in until 3 PM.

So here i am at 9 am and i couldn't check in. Ryan texted me and was like let me know when you are checked in. Then I find out I couldn't check in, ughhh. I was so upset but it is my fault because when I booked my hotel it clearly said 3 pm but she was like look I will check you in at around 2 pm. I was like okay awesome. But that still left us like a couple of hours. By this time I am like texting Ryan and was like I can't check in until 3 pm and he was like damn.

I was like name a restaurant and I will meet you there. And he was like I can't be there until an hour because I am finishing laundry. I was like that is fine by the time I get an uber and get there it should be around 1 hr later. So I ask the front clerk if I could drop my luggage there and she was like sure of course. So she takes my luggage and order an uber to the restaurant. Use the restroom and by this time my uber is picking me up. I get in the uber and it is like 2 miles so we get there kind of quickly. So I go in the restaurant and start freaking out. I waited and waited and waited. It seemed I waited like an eternity but it was like 15 minutes. He was like can you meet me outside in there patio. I am like hmmm okayyy. I was really freaking out because I was like wtf. So I asked the waitress if they had a back patio and she was puzzled because she was like didn't you come from the back patio. I was like naw I came from the front door.

So she shows me where it is and so then I go outside and wait a few minutes and he is like finally here and approaching me and omg I fucking froze. I didn't know wtf to do. Like I had a out of body experience. Like I felt that I was living someone's life. It was so weird. He just grabs me and just hugs me and I am like aww. And so we ended up eating outside and he just kept looking at me and I was like hmm what. He was like you are so fucking beautiful. I was awww. I was the nervous one and he was like so damn sure and secure. It was so weird but in a cool way. That is when I knew that I was deeply in love with him and from there it just felt so damn natural. It was not awkward after the first 15 minutes. We just kept smiling at each other and it litterly felt like I had just seen him the day before. Very natural feeling. Like I felt I was home. So we ate but i had to take most of it with me. Lol! By that time it is around 12 pm. So we pay the bill and I call an uber and we walk through the back to the side where the uber is going to pick us up. And from then on out we are all over each other. Like yes we were that annoying couple with major PDA. Finally the uber gets there and we go back to the hotel by this time it is about 1 pm so really we just need one more hour until I could check in.

We sit in the living room area of the lobby and I go use the restroom and then I come out and we are cuddling then I am not even joking he grabs me and starts kissing me then we just start making out. We stopped everytime someone would come through the lobby. But honestly hardly anyone was there. So he kept asking me what time it was and we were litterly counting down the minutes. I kept flirting with him and vice versa. Lol! So finally it is about 10 minutes till 2 pm and he was like can they give us the key. Lol! So finally we check in at 2 pm and we get the keys and go straight to the room.

By this time we are so exhausted but not like sleepy exhausted but just want to be in bed cuddling up. So I start unpacking my suitcase and take off my shoes and socks. Then we start cuddling and then we start making out. And we are just gazing at each other like crazy kids in love. Lol! And then we were about to have sex but remember I had been up since 3 am and in the same damn clothes so I felt dirty. So I was like I got to pee and take a shower. He was like I am going with you. Lmaooo! So yes we took a shower together and it was really fucking romantic. I usually don't take showers with guys that I am dating but like I said with Ryan it feels so damn natural and right. So we are making out in the shower and then we finish the shower real quick and then have sex.

I will spare the details because that is not needed. But it was the best sex I have ever had probebly half because I am in love with him but also he just knows me and gets me and understands me perfectly. He is definitely my match. It just felt so natural. So after we finish we are just laying there naked cuddling by this time it is about 4 pm and he was like can we just order pizza for dinner. He was like I just want to spend it here with you. I was like heck yeah that is perfect. So we order in at around 5 pm and get the order around 6 pm. So we just eat and just have sex again. Honestly we had a couple of rounds then we were talking about our relationship.

He was like yeah I want to be with you forever. And I was like yeah me too. Sigh. So we go to bed pretty early like 10 or 11 I believe. But that day was amazing. We cuddled all night. Like I said we are that annoying couple that I always hated and swore I would never be like. Well all that went out the window. Lol!

*Also disclaimer I am real aware that he sounds to good to be true but please note that I have dated some terrible fucking men that have cheated and treated me like shit and was just terrible to me and Ryan is like my angel that saved me and made me believe that not all men are assholes. Honestly I self sabotaged this relationship for so long because I felt I didn't deserve this type of man and this type of love but I do. Everyone fucking does! And he is definitely not perfect nobody is but he treats me so amazing and actually loves and cares about me. Like I said he is my perfect person. For so long I felt I didn't deserve Ryan but I am attending counseling and trying to make myself better not only for me but for him and our relationship. Because for a while there I treated him pretty poorly but he stuck it out with me because he knew I was broken. When we started dating I was still very heart broken over Emmanuel and it had already been almost 4 years since Eman had broken up with me. But when I fall in love, I fall deeply in love and it takes me forever to get over a person. But Ryan helped me through that and saw me for who I am. He saved me because I was a huge mess when we found each other. So I definitely deserve a good man by my side and I am not going to apologize for that. We all deserve a good person by our side that will love us for us. And that is why the first 6 months we started dating I didn't tell anyone. Not even my best friends knew. By the time May 2020 rolled around we went "public", and by public like announced to our family and friends. I wanted to keep it to ourselves for so long because people love to tear good things apart and I didn't want that. Once we got our relationship solid then we told everyone. So sorry for the long disclaimer so keep all that in mind while you read about my trip to be with the love of my life.*

Stay tuned for day number 2 where we walk all over his beautiful quaint small town.


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