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FightingEnergy's Diary
by FightingEnergy

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I'm a horrible artist.


Like, it's bad.  Even my stick men are questionable.


Nonetheless, I like to draw things on the various white boards around the house for my Davids.


David Paul has a white board in his cave (he has what is essentially a little living room right outside of his bedroom, it's fantastic!  He has a couch, his TV, PS4, PSVR, whatever.  And that means when it's bed time, no electronics in his room at all!) which currently has a badly drawn donkey wearing a graduation cap.  Captioned:  David is a SMART ass.  Why?  Cause David IS a smart ass.  He's also really smart.  And that's the kind of parent I am.  He laughed so hard when he read it.  


Husband David has a test in this class he's currently in, a pop up target at various meters with the furtherest one being 600 meters away.  I drew a (questionably) human shaped pop up target with a stick figure wearing a patrol cap with David's rank on it, holding a weapon, shooting the target and wrote "Good Luck!" above it. 


The boys are both so great and both spent time looking at it and laughing at me this morning.  Not hurtful laughing, happy laughing.  I like it when they're happy.  Isn't that love?


previous entry: odd ball

next entry: It's been a while.

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