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Loving my life as a mommy & wife
by Darenda

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Not much of an update today.  Oh, I'm on thyroid pills now.  Pretty sure that's why I stay so sleepy anymore and just keep gaining weight.  I'm also on a sleeping medicine now cause I can't go to sleep, and when I do, I'm up and down all night.  Last night was my first night taking it.  I also have anxiety pills cause my anxiety is through the roof.  Daily life is just hard anymore.  Constantly having to take a pill for something it seems like.  But, I need them so I shouldn't bitch too much about it I guess.  Next month I'll be 30.  Apparently my kids think I'm REALLY old lol.  I remember saying crazy things like that to my momma, but my momma was 29 years older than me lol.  I had Charity at 19 and Ezra at 21!  :( I do feel old.  My knees are getting to where they hurt during the day.  I haven't mentioned it to the doctor, but I know my dad has had to have 2 knee surgeries, so I wonder if I'm having the same problem as he does.  Well, this has been a useless entry just to complain it seems like, so I'm gonna go ahead and stop.  Here's a few pics of Charity, Ezra, and Waylon.  Charity is 10, Ezra is 8, and Waylon is 2!

previous entry: .x.Wearing down


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