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Loving my life as a mommy & wife
by Darenda

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le strike

So, things are somewhat looking up!  I applied for school online.  It's at Bryan University.  For my associates in Medical Billing and Coding.  It's a 20 month course.  I start on Sep. 16.  My mom started renting me a laptop.  For now.  I am elegible for Financial aid to cover all my tuition.  A pell grant for $6,195.  And a stafford loan for $9000.  

previous entry: .x.Just some pics

next entry: .x. Anxiety is a Bitch


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That's great news! Congrats! [brooke_12] [reply]

Not to poop on your parade but I just wrapped up a similar program. Before you owe a crap Ton of money (like me), I urge you to go to hospitals and clinics in your area and find out what they actually pay. Not national averages. Where I'm at, they pay pennies above minimum wage and expect me to do far more than just handle the billing. [K Huerta] [reply]

Thats awesome!! I work in medical billing and coding and love it. I would like to throw this out there though: you can save money by taking the course that AAPC offers. It's much cheaper and helps better prepare you for your certification exam. It's something i wish I had known about before taking out a $10k student loan. Either way that's great news, and I wish you success! [begin.again] [reply]