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Darenda's Diary
by Darenda

previous entry: .x. Still Going...but barely

.x. Getting Easier


le strike

So, things between me and David aren't as tense and are getting easier, but he is still a dick regardless.  I'm loving the hell out of Jacob.  Like, I feel like he gets me.  He listens to me bitch, even when I'm probably rude as fuck to him. I don't mean to be like that, just comes with the territory I guess.  I know I enjoy talking to him, or not even talking, just sitting on the phone and knowing he's there.  There's talk about him moving down here, but he has to figure out a transfer with his job.  His current job, there aren't any openings, he could take another job with the same company, it would just be a HUGE paycut for him and I don't want him to do that.  Like, he's living comfortable you know?  It'd be selfish of me to take that away.  I know he could give me and the kids a really nice life, but that's not what I want from him.  Of COURSE I'd love my own place, but it's more than that.  He shouldn't sacrafice just to make me happy.  Couples have to make sacrafices together, I just dont know what my sacrafice needs to be yet :(.

previous entry: .x. Still Going...but barely

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