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Mrs DeJournett's Diary
by Mrs DeJournett

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Question for Women (TMI warning) Need Opinions! *Edit*


Ok, I've been driving myself nuts with this.
I really want to have a baby, but my husband is not too keen on it right now because money is so tight. We have had unprotected sex a few times but he always pulls, which I know isn't the best "form" of birth control.
For the past week to week and a half
I have been really emotional, mood swings and random crying and whatnot
my boobs have been extremely sore to the point I can only sleep laying on my back
I've been really fatigued, can easily sleep 12-13 hours a day until Jeremy has to wake me up

We got married on Sept 15th, and thanks to my luck, I started the day before and stopped the following Wed or Thurs. I never know when I'm going to start, so I would say I'm not due for a week or so but I could be wrong.

Last night, my back was killing me but I wasn't having cramps or anything.  I started spotting, where I could only tell when I wiped, didn't have to wear a pad or anything. My mom said it could be implantation bleeding so we went to buy tests last night.

I took one first thing this morning, around 7 a.m., and it showed neg. I went back to bed, and woke up because I had started bleeding a tad more heavier. I went back into the bathroom and I had left the test on tub and there was a clear blue line, saying it was a positive test.

My mom said it could be a positive, just faint because there isn't enough hcg yet. I'm wondering if it's bc it was taken 4 hours prior, or if it's because there's not alot of hormones yet. I'm going to take another test this weekend, but wanted to get some opinions. Any of them out there?

EDIT:: I went to the doctor and they said there was traces of hcg, so I was pregnant. It was just a chemical pregnancy though and I miscarried. I've been researching it and apparently it's quite common for first pregnancies, but most of the time, women don't think to test so when they start their 'periods' they don't think anything of it. I've been pretty upset about it the past couple days and bleeding is still pretty heavy, but nothing anyone can do about it. Maybe next time... Thanks for the input guys!

previous entry: .:31:. Newborn Pics ♥

next entry: You Never Even Knew...

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If you read a test after an hour its considered void because it could just be a reaction to it drying. Take another one in a couple days.


[*Forever Changing*Star|0 likes] [|reply]

My opinion is there's no way to tell if you are pregnant or not yet. If you get another negative test and you still don't have a proper period, you should probably see a doctor anyway about your irregular periods (if you haven't already).

[mixieStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I agree with Mindi....additionally, use first response as they are better at detecting hcg levels up to 6 days before your next period. Good luck!

[~Just the 2 of Us~Star|0 likes] [|reply]

Can't go by a test after an hour. It isn't reliable. Take another one in a week. I recommend First Response.


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