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Supersword's Diary
by Supersword

next entry: Today's Issue - Love, again

Been a while, need a safe place to vent to strangers...


Okay, so here goes. Years ago (and I mean years ago), I was an active member of this community. I'm using the same username for that reason. Facebook has largely become my soapbox, but there's only so much that VagueBooking can do, and it mainly annoys people, and has the potential to hurt people I don't want to hurt. So if I vent or rant or post poems and musings and such here, I have a reasonable expectation of what I'm getting myself into and knew the community to be supportive, even when I was not.


So yeah, nostalgia drives me.


I'll write about today's issue in a new post.


For now, hello again, Bloop!

next entry: Today's Issue - Love, again


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