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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Spend some time with her!


Why wouldn't you want to?

There wasn't really a whole lot to write about up until last night. The sister thing blew up again . My mom had said last Friday that when Monday rolled around she would look into the paperwork for custody and also getting her into independent living instead. Nicole didn't want independent living so I knew that wasn't going to happen but if it could have I liked that idea as well as her coming here because then she could stay at her school for her senior year. But she cannot get in anyways.

Mom called Friday night because she had been freaking out when Nicole wasn't home by curfew then when she did get home she just said the guy she had been with got in trouble with the cops and left it at that. Okay fine whatever. So then this week she called and told me she lied. That guy had molested my sister and they arrested him for it. Then she proceeds to tell my after that my sister told her she didn't want to move here no more. I knew that sounded fishy, I called bull shit. What person who was molested or raped honestly wouldn't want to move as far away as possible? I asked her if those were the exact words my sister told her and she said yes. I of course told her I wanted to hear it out of Nicole's mouth.

Nicole texted me yesterday and said that Mom was a liar. She never once said it and wants out now more then ever. She said the only confusion she had was about the guy she was seeing but it didn't stop her from wanting to come. So I called my mom and called her on it and that all blew up again. I told her I was done with her lies and her scheming and pretty much wrote her off. Told her I would be in Nicole's life and her and I would figure out if moving here was the best thing for her right now or not and go from there. But she has nothing to do with it anymore, I want nothing to do with her and she has nothing to do with us.

This morning though I got up and fed Claire. She is eating solids as of Thursday yay! I was so excited and she loves it. Anyways. I fed her this morning and held her playing for a little bit while Josh ate his breakfast. SO then I asked if he would take her while I got mine. Of course not. I don't freaking get it. He maybe takes her like one hour two nights a week and it is always RIGHT BEFORE BED. Like I give her the last bottle for the night and he cuddles her til she falls asleep. Other then that nothing. In order for me to even take a shower I have to prop her up with a bottle or get her to nap and then rush like mad to get out before she is done or wakes up. I wouldn't ever leave her with him more then like 15 minutes at a time because he doesn't want to do any of it. He changes maybe 2 diapers a week most the time not even that, he never feeds her, he told me yesterday he isn't going to feed her solids because he don't know how to mix it and give it to her. Well dumb shit. I can teach you all this stuff. I just don't get it. It is like he don't want to spend anytime with her. But HELLO! I need some freaking time once in a while to in order to get things done or do something for myself. It would be nice. Even one night a week geez.

It almost sounds like he is afraid of her. Doing something wrong, hurting her, I really am not sure. But I don't know how to make him tell me why either. Maybe just force him to learn and stay home with her one day then he doesn't have a choice?

Grrr I guess I am done for now. The dog just took a dump again while Josh was playing with Claire. I am so over this I do not even know how to explain to you. I really just want to leave him on the side of the road somewhere and be done with it.


previous entry: ♥ Possibly deploying again?

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From the sound of it, you SHOULD leave him on the side of the road.

[PxyxstX|0 likes] [|reply]

Sounds like he is scared. I dunno, maybe you just need to leave her with him so he realizes he CAN do it? Maybe you can write up a list of things you do, like how much formula to mix with the solids to get it right, or how often you change her diaper, or whatever schedule you stick to usually. And then just tell him you are going to the store for half an hour or something. Maybe he just needs to be thrown into fatherhood to make him realize he just needs to DO IT. And if you leave for only a short amount of time, there's not much to worry about

[.Marissa.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

whats independ living?? the only time i heard that phrase was for old senior cititzens

[ćara|0 likes] [|reply]

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