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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Leave her out of it


My mother has beyond pissed me off now. She will not see the end of this one. She is still with that raving lunatic alcoholic who treats her and my sister like shit. She called last weekend and asked me if I thought that if she was gone my sister would grow up . She said she asked Norm and he said that she would never grow up and they started a fight over it blah blah . So she called me bawling her eyes out saying it is finally over she is going to have nothing to do with him they gave their rings back whatever.

So then I talked to my sister today and thought about calling mom so I asked her where she was. O she is with Norm at his parents house. WTF? Did you just say what I think you did, sure enough she did. I have told her a million times if she keeps going back to him I am stepping out. I will not watch her be with this loser and have it effect me and my family like it does. So I made her get online and informed her of it.

Well her story kept changing one second it was o we are just friends to the next second it is over . Every time she has said they are just friends before she lied. She always lies when she knows it will be disapproved of. I told her if she didn't straighten up by the end of the summer and get rid of him I would petition for custody of my sister. She told me I absolutely would not and then informed me that I was killing her. ( she has been having suicidal ideations. ) So then I flipped on her for that, she is in no way placing her emotional shit on me. No way. Not happening. We went back and forth about the Norm thing for a while and then before it ended I told her to leave Nicole out of it, just don't talk to her and leave her out of it because she did nothing wrong. What did she do? She went to my sister and told her she didn't blame her whatever and they fought over it and then she told her " Fuck you , go to hell "

So I got back online and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing and her excuse was my sister called her a bitch and she knew how to push her buttons. Excuse me? Who is the mother? O yeah I am sorry there is no mature adult in that household is there? Gosh I am so mad right now I am fuming and now considering trying for guardianship of my sister. I don't know that it is worth it though because mom thinks she can fight it. I know in the end that I would win because she is psycho and on all kinds of medications for her problems, she is with an alcoholic, I am married to a military man with a baby and a good home etc. But the problem is how long it would take. Nicole will be 18 in November anyways and this is her senior year. I want her before school starts you know? So yes I would get her in the end but the end would be too late. So I am trying really hard to figure this out and find out what it would take in the military to make her a legal dependent as well so we could get a bigger house etc. I am done with it. Sick of her letting him treat us all like this. She swore up and down she couldn't make it on her own that is why he is around because he is helping her but at the cost of what? Her emotions, her sanity, her heart? Her family! Really. I would rather be broke and homeless. And she knows damn well that would never happen because she has managed to make everyone in the family feel responsible for her so she would end up living with me or my brother. Retarded but still. So if she wants to go down she can do it on her own. She thinks she can fight for Nicole let her try but if she was smart she would just hand over temp guardianship so she can finish school here and let that be that. We will see what happens.


previous entry: ♥ Emotional Catastrophe - Ugh!

next entry: ♥ Daddies Cammies (Pics)

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RYC: I was totally bad like you. I changed all of my privacy settings and hid everything from her =X

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RYC: A night out is so nice. I enjoy my nights out, even though they don't happen near as often. Which is okay, because I work now, lol.

[♥always, jes.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

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