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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Jealousy n Dominance


Warning: If you don't like people being petty or pitty parties you might x out of here because I think I might be feeling a large complaint coming on.

So my mother's day was a bust in every way possible. To start with Josh had to work. Which is a part of life not a big deal, didn't bother me. I knew he hadn't gotten anything. He never goes anywhere by himself, we are almost always together so I could have figured that one out. But he gets off work nearly 3 hours early. He could have stopped at the BX and grabbed in the VERY least a card. Flowers or something would have been nice but anything you know? And if he didn't like the idea of the BX he had plenty of time to drive to town without me ever knowing he went because I would of thought him to be at work. Would it have been that hard? He came home and was basically like we will get you something don't worry about it, or actually I will take you out to dinner Tuesday night. Which don't get me wrong that is nice and all but it is my first mother's day. You take me out to dinner for every holiday, and you know every year after this that would suffice, I really don't want anything but acknowledgment you know. But I read everyone's status on facebook talking about the amazing day they had with their husband and babies and what they got or whatever and I just shake my head. Even a card? Would that have been so hard?

( I told you to exit out =) )

Anyways other then that if I had my way Mauer would be gone just because I hate listening to him and Josh going back and forth. He is sooo jealous of Claire. You go anywhere near her and he will run to beat you and stand between you and her like he thinks he is more important and should get your attention not her. Well last night he went as far as Josh picked her up and was playing with her on the couch and he pissed on Josh's foot.... O man Josh lost his mind and then treated me like an asshole. I refuse to deal with that crap. I want my dog but he apparently does not have the patience and I have Claire 95% of the time and cannot train him on my own .

So anyways today has been less then pretty and it just started. I said maybe 3 words to Josh before he left for work this morning; and I have the dog on the leash attatched to me at all times for easy correction. If peeing on Josh's foot was a dominance thing he will learn real fast.

I am out. Going to go call the school and vet who both still have not called me back. Grrrrr. Claire is sitting in my lap watching Dora lol.


previous entry: ♥ Mind Consuming

next entry: ♥ PPD? Ugh

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ryc: lol i wasn't talking about you.... young lady!

And no that's not what the lawyer said, that's what CHRIS said...GRRRR don't even get me started on all that LOL... he just doesn't ever!!

[HomefulloToddlerz+1Star|0 likes] [|reply]

I didn't get anything either. :[

[♥always, jes.Star|0 likes] [|reply]

BIG CUDDLES. Go and do something for yourself. I find that whenever I feel like I should be spoiled a little, and no one does it, I go and spoil myself I know it's not the same, but if you do it right, it's better

[Mistress SarahStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I'm SO sorry that those things are happening to you too! It's pretty comforting to know I'm not going through everything alone.

What's going on with you? Maybe we can be buddies in this crazy situation! lol

[mrs.diehl|0 likes] [|reply]

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