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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ I promise you it is NOT a race thing


Ugh. I have like the 24 hour flu or something like it. My body aches, my head hurts, I feel like every move I make is going to make me throw up. At least I hope it is only 24 hours. I am sitting here watching Claire eat her bottle hoping she is ready to go back to bed when she is done.

Friday we didn't do much. I think we sat around the house most the night and just kinda hung out. Saturday morning though we got up when Claire did and slowly started getting ready to head to Bemidji. Finished some laundry, packed our bags, took showers etc. I hate having the dog because we have to pack him too and in order for his kennel to fit we have to take it apart. Retarded.

We visited with his mom for a while and then just as we were about to walk out the door his sister and her husband showed up so we turned back around and stayed a bit longer. Claire giggled for the first time playing with her Auntie Jenny. It was so freakin cute! But we haven't heard it again since, kinda sad. After a while we decided it was time to go ahead and go and let them visit so again we tried to make it out the door.

Town was pretty dead as usual. It is a small town not a whole lot to do but we had been talking about cars on the way up so he took me to a few dealerships to look at some. Poor guy found his truck. He wants an Avalanche and the first place we went to they had one. Fully decked out, DVD navigation, blah blah blah. Low mileage, only like 2 or 3 years old and they only wanted 23k for it. That was the nuts part. It was on hold for someone else though I guess who is coming in today to try and get financing for it. Not that we could afford another payment at the moment anyways. We are honestly just doing research right now. Going to look around and test drive some things this summer since we will be buying it right smack in the middle of winter and the weather here is crazy. So the less time we have to spend looking for it the better. If we know what we want just go down to the city and start wheeling and making some deals. We found a few good deals out there , kinda sad we couldn't get it now.

After we got done with that we headed over to Tom and Nikki's. I love getting to see her but at the same time the first night we were without Claire he fell asleep at 7 and we did nothing. So I kinda would have liked to do something on our own but whatever. We had fun. We went and saw Get Him to the Greek. It was a TON better then I thought it was going to be. I hated Russel Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I ♥ ♥ him in this one.

When we finally left their house later that night after the movie Josh asked if I wanted to go home or stop at the Legion to see his dad and Dee Dee. Honestly the answer was go home. But I asked if us stopping to see them there would prevent them from finding us on Sunday and he said probably so we did. If they wouldn't look us up and us have to take Claire over there I would do it. Well apparently we showed up just in time.

Went inside said a few hellos and was talking to his cousin Calee. She made a comment about this girl in a dress on the dance floor and I laughed. Emma threw her bouquet ( they were there for a wedding reception ) and some girl not even from the wedding party just jumped in and took it then walked away . Emma was devestated so Mikayla went to try and talk to her and get it back. She kinda threw it at her and Mikayla just took it and walked away. Calee told me she was going outside to smoke and they redid the bouquet throw. Some older lady in the party got it this time and then the next thing I know I see the " bitch in the dress" as Calee called her dancing with it and showing it off. So I thought it was irony and went outside to go tell Calee she ended up with that crap anyways. I walked outside and her and Mikayla were talking to 2 guys. So I stood beside her to wait for them to be done but little did I know at first they weren't talking. Next thing I know Calee is smacking him and he is talking shit. Mikayla grabs her to pull her back and he keeps asking is that all she's got, she says no and punches him in the face again, so I grab on and we get her back. He says something else and Calee is like well if you want more why don't I let you talk to my husband he is right around the corner and before you freaking know it here comes Donnie charging around the corner. The guys grab him and drag him out into the street and Calee breaks free and goes to wailing on the other guy again so me and Mikayla both booked back into the Legion trying to get the rest of the guys out there.

Turns out they had come out telling Mikayla she was to pretty to smoke. Calee had JUST gotten out there when this was happening and started lighting up her cigarette and this guy like swats it out of her mouth and smacks her in the process and the rest of course is kinda as stated above because this is where I walked out. The cops showed up and we all went back inside. Donnie to the bathroom to take off his outer button up shirt because it was covered in black from the street. He amazingly though didn't get hurt because it ended up with like 3 guys in there etc. Just a small bump on the head. I consider that him coming out on top. and then it got broken up anyways.

Night is not over apparently because then here comes the girl they took the bouquet back from. Telling them how the announcer said "every single lady" to come to the floor to catch the flowers. She informed them that we were all being racist and this was a natives against the whites type thing and we shook our heads stupidly . Like really? Who just jumps into a wedding party of people you don't know? Would you want someone you didn't know to catch a bouquet at your wedding? It has no meaning to you, you would have taken it home and thrown it away. Don't make this about race you dumb bi*tch. I am not racist at all by any means, I believe each race has their idiots that make a bad name for them, including Americans or whites whatever you want to call us. But alot of the natives up here are like that. They live off of welfare on the reservation so they can get their check and never have to work. They have killed people who come near their reservation, vandalize things, just a bunch of random crap. There is literally like an invisible line on the highway so many miles from the reservations white people will not live past because that is sort of where the worst of the stuff starts to happen if you live too close. They don't give a rats butt and of course don't live by our laws on the reservation so when they are in town act the same.

Anyways. Sunday was the Ride for the Troops. Pretty cool, I have some pics up on my facebook for those of you who are on it. If anyone is not and wants to be just let me know. I am going to go pull the bottle from this little girl because I can now hear her sucking down air because it is empty. Hopefully she wants to be good for sick mommy today and go back to bed soon =(


previous entry: ♥ Daddies Cammies (Pics)

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