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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Am I Materialistic?


No0o0! I couldn't be

Why does something always happen it seems ? I gave in yesterday and switched my classes this semester to all online. I had called the CDC the day before to see if they would have any openings earlier then August and instead find out that they don't project they will even have one when we need it then. I called an at home provider here on base ( the base regulates them and you have to be licensed through them ) and the lady was crazy. CDC wants $80 for full time she says $135. No way in heck we can afford that per week. She is nuts. Who would pay that , the CDC said they are supposed to be cheaper then them even.

I had considered giving it some time and waiting it out. You never know whats going to happen, people could pull their kids out or whatever. But even if someone does if there is a single parent military family or dual military family that comes in needing a spot they get it before us. Which I understand completely I just have to know what is going on when it comes to financial aid, buying books and school supplies etc. So I switched them. All of them , even the ones that I had that I was still going to take. The only one that is the same is Intermediate Algebra. The other two that I had online previous to switching my classes was Comp 1 and Medical Terminology but they were 8 week courses. I asked around a bit and since I am changing them all to online classes etc people advised me to make them full term classes instead since I won't have daycare. The 8 week classes cram information into a smaller period of time so at least this way I have a little bit more breathing room - - - I hope !

I love my daughter dearly but I am starting to get annoyed. A few feedings out of the day we set her up and prop up a bottle otherwise I would never get anything done. I never leave the room she is in so don't judge me or say anything bad cause I don't give a rats butt. Anyways, she wants to move and look around and wiggles all the time so now she looks away from the bottle and loses it. Or moves to much and slides out of the boppy and I still cannot get anything done. It is about annoying. It is kinda like the crying, if I hold her every minute of the day I will NEVER I repeat NEVER get anything done. I guess just keep looking forward to 3 months from now when she will hopefully be holding her bottle on her own. By then she will be eating solids too though so we can be on a bit of a schedule with that I suppose.

Josh came home for lunch and said he should only have about 30 minutes of homework today. Thank you God! Because this ALS thing is dragging us down. He is gone almost every day of the week 7-6ish, has hours of homework, and pretty much goes to bed. So it is like never seeing him. Which I realize I have done and many people do it all the time it is just even harder when they are in your house.

I put the laptop up on Craigslist and then wondered if I should have done that. Not so much should I have but wondered if I am materialistic. It all started at Best Buy the other day. I wanted a Sony Vaio when we got this one and all the laptops have come down a bit in price. Well we saw the one I wanted and Josh was like wow had they been this cheap when we got them we would have gotten you the one you wanted . ( Anyone who has looked at them knows Vaio's were on the expensiver side of the PC world ) I of course said UGH.! lol. He was like well sell yours and try to get at least half the price out of it and I will pay for the other half so that is what I am doing. I mean it is a good laptop, barely a year old, so now I feel materialistic. I think it is more I just get bored with these things easily you know? and the fact it is the one I wanted all along ( not including a Mac or Macbook because I just cannot afford one right now. Those are my number one!!!! ) Who knows. I guess we will see what happens. I told him maybe if by this weekend I haven't found someone who wants it we will just revamp it. Go get Windows 7 and Office 2010 after it comes out that sort of thing. And if someone wants it I guess I am getting a new laptop. He says I am kinda like him in that way, he does the same thing with his games and systems lol. We could probably save alot of dang money if we weren't like this.

So if anyone knows where I can get a good deal on an apple or someone selling one that isn't ancient please let me know haha. Otherwise I think my daughter is obliterating her diaper in the swing, I better go take care of it before she ruins the swing too


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You're not being materialistic, but even if you were, it's not a bad thing unless you go over board. I've been dying for an apple for, like, ever! as for the obliterated diaper, I've never heard it put that way

[Me, I'm NotStar|0 likes] [|reply]


I actually have this book called hypochondriac's pocket guide to horrible diseases you probably already have. If you haven't heard of it, it's really quite funny.

I usually keep the the "I'm dying!" part to myself though. I think my mom would just look at me and tell me to suck it up lol

[*[Wind Dove]*|0 likes] [|reply]

Hehehee it makes me smile that it excites you b/c it quite excites me too. My life was way too boring for so long so this is very nice.

[love♥nikStar|0 likes] [|reply]

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