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Waiting on our Princess
by ♥ Bella

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♥ Failed baby free night


Today is the air show and the sky is overcast, the wind is ridiculous and it has been raining. I can't take a 3 month old out in this and it makes me so mad. We had our first babyless night without her last night. Took her to his moms and dropped her off. We were going to come home and see a movie , have dinner, but Josh and I were both so tired I wasn't sure we would sit through a movie in a dark theater. We opted out of that one and ended up grocery shopping instead. Stopped for a few fruity drinks at the bottle shop and came the rest of the way home. Guess what happened then? Absolutely nothing. No watching movies, no playing games. I cleaned a little bit because his family is coming out for the show today and then as soon as he touched the couch he was asleep. How much fun. And now my day for today has been ruined because I get to sit inside all day with her and do nothing. Story of my life.

I took my placement exam this week. Aced the Reading and English without a problem and missed College Algebra by like maybe 2 questions at the most. How retarded is that, and it makes me so mad because it sets me back an entire semester for one freaking class. A WHOLE SEMESTER. I mean there is 4 levels of math College Algebra being a 4 and the highest and I am on level 3 ( Intermediate Algebra ) but really? It just sucks. I guess it could be worse though. I registered for classes that same day. The advisor that helped me with that was a bitch, had some reason to be against me for every decision I made and was really snippity like she was just trying to push me out of her office as fast as she could.

I have Composition and Medical Terminology online the second half of the semester I guess. I thought there were full 16 week classes but they are only 6. and then the ENTIRE semester I have Intermediate Algebra online as well. I go to campus on Tuesdays from 8-9 for AnP lecture. Wednesdays is my CNA from 9-3 and then Thursday I have AnP 8-9 lecture again and a 9-11 lab. So not bad. Claire will be in full time daycare so that I can get homework done and keep up with my online courses as well. And if on the off chance I don't have homework or something and Josh works I can either have a day off or just keep her home with me. Either way. I feel like it all might just kill me. Not to mention all the horror stories about CNA clinicals I have heard scaring the bejezus out of me.

Other then that. I might be getting my camera soon, if not by October for sure. But I am really thinking a Canon 7d. That is where I am leaning anyways but we will see. I have to get off her and clean up a bit more and put a bra on before the in laws arrive haha. But I will be around. Have a great day! Ugh.


previous entry: ♥ Being an adult sucks.

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