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There's always a start somewhere...
by - Rjea.

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So I heard back from J today. Apparently he was in the hospital having minor surgery and that's why he didn't get back to me sooner. It was nice hearing from him. I was feeling awkward about emailing him after all this time, but once he replied it felt normal.

I'm completely over winter now and we haven't really had that much of a winter. It has been a week of -25 to -30'C (-13 to -26F) weather, and someone needs to give Elsa a hug or something.

I am almost finished making my blanket that I started at the end of December. I went and bought 3 more balls of yarn, I think 3 extra was a little much. The thing is going to be ginormous. Too big for my bed, too big for the couch throw that I had intended it to be. It will be great for the winter months that I'm trying to not freeze my ass off.

I got an actifry for Valentines day yesterday, yep it was early. I was seriously excited for a cooking device. I swear I'm not that old. I've also discovered that I will be the dog version of a crazy cat lady.

Well it's my bed time now, I'm going to lay in bed and watch some NCIS. 2 more days until I can sleep in.
- R.

previous entry: Hope & Ruin

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At least he had a good excuse?! haha
I can not imagine it being -25. It's +25 here all December which is a dream! [The RyanStar] [reply]