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There's always a start somewhere...
by - Rjea.

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Hope & Ruin


♫Hope & Ruin By The Trews♫

So I haven't heard back from J, I am unsure of it that's to do with the fact that he doesn't want to hear from me, or if he's been to busy to respond. I would like to message him again, but I think if I do it too soon, then I'm being a pest. I just honestly miss the guy from when he was an amazing friend to me forever ago. I feel like I got my hopes up, just to have them let down.

I bought M a Samsung Galaxy S4 tablet for Valentines day, good thing I have a new job and will be able to afford it now.

I went to The Trews last night. Probably one of the best concerts that I've ever been too. Great stage presence and not afraid to come out into the crowd. I got a great picture of the guitarist right beside me pretty much.

It feels like the weather is trying to kill me with all this cold.
- R.

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Screw J, if he's being a dick! Anyone who wants to talk to you, would make the effort to do it - regardless of how busy they are. He's not worth your time if he's ignored your message. x [The RyanStar] [reply]