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There's always a start somewhere...
by - Rjea.

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♫Differences by Genuwine♫

So I did a budget up today... and man it made me sad. I really need to start focusing on paying off my debt. I wish I had this job when I first split from my ex and didn't use my credit cards to supplement where my job was lacking. It's going to take me forever to pay this off... Oh well, thems the breaks I guess.

Work has been good. I didn't realize that guys were more dramatic then woman are sometimes. The amount of gossiping that some do is insane. Honestly!!

We hired a new service writer, and I'm pretty sure she is a flake. She called in sick on her second day, I'm not really sure how a person does that. She's also emailing me about getting sweaters and what not from the branch, like it's my call and not her bosses. I know everyone sprung for a coat for me, but thats because it was like 40 a department, not 130 for 1. I think she's asking for too much too soon, considering her track record so far.

M and I have been good. It's his birthday in 2 weeks.

I had a lot I wanted to poor my heart out over, but now, no.

- R.

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