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by -Raiin

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I spent the night at his house last night,
Every time I sleep with him (not sexually) I sleep so good. I slept all through the night and I woke up so refreshed.

I am so confused by him.
We were making out and messing around, and it got to the point both of us had no clothes on, and than he just stopped.
Just layed on his side and looked at me.

He always does this....and it makes me feel weird. Like something is wrong with me.

I asked him if he felt uncomfortable around me and he said kinda, I guess he just needs to get used to me?
I mean for fucks sake it's only been two weeks. =|

It still bothers me, I'm not used ot men doing that, I feel kind of like something I did or something is wrong with me.
I mean seriously, a man not wanting to have sex?

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I wouldn't take that as a bad sign [;

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